Australia’s Recent Tennis Major Championship Winners

Australia’s Recent Tennis Major Championship Winners

Underperforming Major Championship Record Leaves Australia Behind

Victor P Taffa

Tennis is a great sport at which Australia has excelled in Major Championships and Davis Cup Competition.

However with millions of dollars poured into the sport players themselves continues to fail at Major Championships.

Notwithstanding Davis Cup past success and recent failures it is a Tennis Player’s ability to win a Major Championship that makes the true mark of a Tennis Player.

Davis Cup Competition is a team of tennis players from a particular nation that wins together or loses together. However Major Championships defines the true strength or weakness of Tennis Players ability at the highest level.

It would seem from the results listed below that Tennis in Australia is in a parlous state.

To turn this situation around does not take millions of dollars of more money. Singular determination from the top levels of Administration right through to every Tennis Player and Coach will turn this parlous state of Tennis in Australia around in the same way that Richmond Tigers AFL finally won a Premiership in 2017 that broke a 37 Year Premiership drought and many seasons of heartache in between.

Some reasons for the ongoing failure of Australian Tennis Players at Major Championships include:

  • Coaching Failures,
  • Entry of Tennis into Olympic Games again,
  • Increased competition from other sports,
  • Lack of Hunger from Players,
  • Lack of Player motivation,
  • Level of Money not balanced towards winning a Major Championship,
  • Level of Money offered seen as a sign of success and unrelated to winning a Major Championship,
  • Poor Tennis Administration not focused on Player success,
  • Surface of Australian Open switched away from Grass,
  • Tennis Courts ripped up and replaced with Blocks of Home Units,
  • Tennis seen as an old sport.

There are 4 Tennis Major Championships. Should a player win all 4 Major Championships in a calendar year then that player will have won the Tennis Grand Slam.

Grand Slam itinerary consists of

  • Australian Open in mid January,
  • French Open in May and June,
  • Wimbledon in July,
  • US Open in August and September.

Each Major Championship is played over a 2 week period.

Major Championships Surfaces played on

  • Australian Open played on hard court,
  • French Open played on clay,
  • Wimbledon is played on grass,
  • US Opens are played on hard court.

Years That Each Major Championships began:

  • Australian Open in 1905,
  • French Open in 1891,
  • Wimbledon in 1877,
  • US Open in 1881.

Term Grand Slam, without qualification, and also originally, refers to the achievement of winning all 4 major championships within a single calendar year within one of the 5 events:

  • Men’s singles;
  • Women’s singles;
  • Men’s doubles;
  • Women’s doubles;
  • Mixed doubles.

In doubles, one team may accomplish a Grand Slam playing together or one player may achieve it with different partners.

However the Doubles Winners listed contains Australian Doubles Pairings only.


Australia’s Recent Tennis Major Championship Winners

Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Male Singles Winners include:

Australian Open                    French Open                  Wimbledon                        US Open

1976 Mark Edmondson          1969 Rod Laver                      2002 Lleyton Hewitt           2001 Lleyton Hewitt

1975 John Newcombe             1968 Ken Rosewall               1987 Pat Cash                        1998 Patrick Rafter


Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Female Singles Winners include:

Australian Open                French Open               Wimbledon                                        US Open

1978 Chris O’Neill                 1973 Margaret Court          1980 Evonne Goolagong                    2011 Samantha Stosur

1977 Kerry Melville Reid       1971 Evonne Goolagong     1971 Evonne Goolagong                    1973 Margaret Court


Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Male Doubles Winners include:

Australian Open             French Open                        Wimbledon                               US Open

1997 Todd Woodbridge       2000 Todd Woodbridge        2000 Todd Woodbridge            1996 Todd Woodbridge

1997 Mark Woodforde           2000 Mark Woodforde        2000 Mark Woodforde               1996 Mark Woodforde

1992 Todd Woodbridge         1985 Mark Edmondson       1997 Todd Woodbridge                1995 Todd Woodbridge

1992 Mark Woodforde           1985 Kim Warwick               1997 Mark Woodforde                 1995 Mark Woodforde


Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Female Doubles Winners include:

Australian Open            French Open                        Wimbledon                                US Open

1979 Judy Chaloner           1966 Margaret Court               1978 Kerry Melville Reid                 1970 Margaret Court

1979 Dianne Evers             1966 Judy Tegart Dalton          1978 Wendy Turnbull                     1970 Judy Tegart Dalton

1977 Evonne Cawley           1965 Margaret Court                1969 Margaret Court                          1963 Robyn Ebbern

1977 Helen Cawley              1965 Lesley Turner Bowrey     1969 Judy Tegart Dalton                    1963 Margaret Court


Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Mixed Doubles Winners include:

Australian Open             French Open                          Wimbledon                            US Open

2013 Jarmila Gajdosova    1972 Evonne Goolagong-Cawley    1991 Elizabeth Sayers Smylie  2001 Rennae Stubbs

2013 Matthew Ebden          1972 Kim Warwick                    1991 John Fitzgerald                      2001 Todd Woodbridge

2005 Samantha Stosur        1965 Margaret Court                 1968 Margaret Court                     1992 Nicole Provis

2005 Scott Draper                 1965 Ken Fletcher                      1968 Ken Fletcher                         1992 Mark Woodforde