Australia’s Population Up 1.5 % Year Ended 30 September 2019

Australia’s Population Up 1.5 % Year Ended 30 September 2019

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Australia’s Population Grows By 1.5 %

Victor P Taffa

Australia’s population grew by 1.5 % during the year ending 30 September 2019, according to the latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

“Population at 30 September 2019 was 25.5 Million people, following an annual increase of 371,100 people.” ABS Demography Director Beidar Cho said.

Natural increase accounted for 37.5 % of annual population growth, while net overseas migration accounted for the remaining 62.5 %.

There were 304,400 births and 165,300 deaths registered in Australia during the year ending 30 September 2019. Natural increase during this period was 139,100 people, a decrease of 6.6 % from the previous year.

There were 534,100 overseas migration arrivals and 302,000 departures during the year ending 30 September 2019, resulting in net overseas migration of 232,100 people. Net overseas migration was down 4.2 % compared to the previous year.

Statistics in this publication predate the Australian summer bushfires of 2019/20 and COVID-19 and are not affected by these events.

Annual Population Change By State And Territory
  Population At 30 Sep 2019 Change Over Previous Year Change Over Previous Year
  ‘000 ‘000 %
New South Wales 8 118.0 102.0 1.3%
Victoria 6 629.9 129.6 2.0%
Queensland 5 115.5 84.7 1.7%
South Australia 1 756.5 15.4 0.9%
Western Australia 2 630.6 29.3 1.1%
Tasmania 535.5 5.3 1.0%
Northern Territory 245.6 -1.4 –0.6%
Australian Capital Territory 428.1 6.2 1.5%
Australia (a) 25 464.1 371.1 1.5%
(a) Includes Other Territories comprising Jervis Bay Territory, Christmas Island, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Norfolk Island.


Population And Statehood

Population declined again in The Northern Territory due to its status as a Territory and not as a State Government within existing boundaries.

As a State the new duly constituted state of North Australia or Northern Australia will be able to develop a coal mining industry and uranium mining industry for energy and power generation domestically and for export.

Difference between Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory is that Australian Capital Territory is close to Federal Parliament and Canberra is the nation’s Capital City whereas Northern Territory has much desert and a port at Darwin that is close to Australia’s Northern Trading Partners.

Northern Territory should have been granted Statehood in 1911 when it was annexed from South Australia.