Australian Tennis Open Men’s Doubles Champions 1905-2017

Australian Tennis Open Men’s Doubles Champions 1905-2017

Australia In A Pairing Has Not Won An Australian Men’s Doubles Tournament Since 1997

Victor P Taffa

There are 4 Tennis Major Championships. Should a player win all 4 Major Championships in a calendar year then that player will have won the Tennis Grand Slam.

Grand Slam itinerary consists of

  • Australian Open in mid January,
  • French Open in May and June,
  • Wimbledon in July,
  • US Open in August and September.

Each Major Championship is played over a 2 week period.

Major Championships Surfaces played on

  • Australian Open played on hard court,
  • French Open played on clay,
  • Wimbledon is played on grass,
  • US Opens are played on hard court.

Years That Each Major Championships began:

  • Australian Open in 1905,
  • French Open in 1891,
  • Wimbledon in 1877,
  • US Open in 1881.

Term Grand Slam, without qualification, and also originally, refers to the achievement of winning all 4 major championships within a single calendar year within one of the 5 events:

  • Men’s singles;
  • Women’s singles;
  • Men’s doubles;
  • Women’s doubles;
  • Mixed doubles.

In doubles, one team may accomplish a Grand Slam playing together or one player may achieve it with different partners.

However the Doubles Winners listed contains Australian Doubles Pairings only.


Australia’s Recent Tennis Major Championship Winners

Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Male Singles Winners include:

Australian Open                    French Open               Wimbledon                             US Open

1976 Mark Edmondson          1969 Rod Laver                  2002 Lleyton Hewitt                 2001 Lleyton Hewitt

1975 John Newcombe            1968 Ken Rosewall               1987 Pat Cash                             1998 Patrick Rafter

Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Female Singles Winners include:

Australian Open            French Open                      Wimbledon                                  US Open

1978 Chris O’Neill             1973 Margaret Court            1980 Evonne Goolagong                 2011 Samantha Stosur

1977 Kerry Melville Reid       1971 Evonne Goolagong     1971 Evonne Goolagong                 1973 Margaret Court

Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Male Doubles Winners include:

Australian Open               French Open                             Wimbledon                              US Open

1997 Todd Woodbridge         2000 Todd Woodbridge          2000 Todd Woodbridge         1996 Todd Woodbridge

1997 Mark Woodforde           2000 Mark Woodforde            2000 Mark Woodforde            1996 Mark Woodforde

1992 Todd Woodbridge         1985 Mark Edmondson           1997 Todd Woodbridge            1995 Todd Woodbridge

1992 Mark Woodforde           1985 Kim Warwick                   1997 Mark Woodforde               1995 Mark Woodforde

Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Female Doubles Winners include:

Australian Open              French Open                          Wimbledon                                US Open

1979 Judy Chaloner            1966 Margaret Court                1978 Kerry Melville Reid               1970 Margaret Court

1979 Dianne Evers              1966 Judy Tegart Dalton          1978 Wendy Turnbull                     1970 Judy Tegart Dalton

1977 Evonne Cawley          1965 Margaret Court                  1969 Margaret Court                       1963 Robyn Ebbern

1977 Helen Cawley            1965 Lesley Turner Bowrey       1969 Judy Tegart Dalton                  1963 Margaret Court

Recent Australian Tennis Major Championship Mixed Doubles Winners include:

Australian Open                French Open                                      Wimbledon                          US Open

2013 Jarmila Gajdosova      1972 Evonne Goolagong-Cawley    1991 Elizabeth Sayers Smylie   2001 Rennae Stubbs

2013 Matthew Ebden          1972 Kim Warwick                             1991 John Fitzgerald                2001 Todd Woodbridge

2005 Samantha Stosur       1965 Margaret Court               1968 Margaret Court                          1992 Nicole Provis

2005 Scott Draper                   1965 Ken Fletcher                 1968 Ken Fletcher                              1992 Mark Woodforde


Champions By Year

Year    Australian Open                   

Men’s Doubles Started in 1905       

2017    Henri Kontinen (FIN)            

            John Peers (AUS)                  

2016    Jamie Murray (UK)                

            Bruno Soares (BRA)              

2015    Simone Bolelli (ITA)             

            Fabio Fognini (ITA)               

2014    Lukasz Kubot (POL)             

            Robert Lindstedt (SWE)       

2013    Bob Bryan (USA)                  

            Mike Bryan (USA)                

2012    Leander Paes (IND)               

            Radek Stepanek (CZE)          

2011    Bob Bryan (USA)                  

            Mike Bryan (USA)                

2010    Bob Bryan (USA)                  

            Mike Bryan (USA)                

2009    Bob Bryan (USA)                  

            Mike Bryan (USA)                

2008    Jonathan Erlich (ISR)            

            Andy Ram (ISR)                   

2007    Bob Bryan (USA)                  

            Mike Bryan (USA)                

2006    Bob Bryan (USA)                  

            Mike Bryan (USA)                

2005    Wayne Black (ZIM)               

            Kevin Ullyett (ZIM)              

2004    Michael Llodra (FRA)           

            Fabrice Santoro (FRA)          

2003    Michael Llodra (FRA)           

            Fabrice Santoro (FRA)          

2002    Mark Knowles (BAH)                       

            Daniel Nestor (CAN)             

2001    Jonas Bjorkman (SWE)          

            Todd Woodbridge (AUS)     

2000    Ellis Ferreira (SA)                  

            Rick Leach (USA)                 

1999    Jonas Bjorkman (SWE)          

            Patrick Rafter (AUS)             

1998    Jonas Bjorkman (SWE)          

            Jacco Eltingh (NET)              

1997    Todd Woodbridge (AUS)     

            Mark Woodforde (AUS)       

1996    Stefan Edberg (SWE)            

            Petr Korda (CZE)                  

1995    Jared Palmer (USA)               

            Richey Reneberg (USA)        

1994    Jacco Eltingh (NET)              

            Paul Haarhuis (NET)              

1993    Danie Visser (SA)                  

            Laurie Warder (AUS)            

1992    Todd Woodbridge (AUS)     

            Mark Woodforde (AUS)       

1991    Scott Davis (USA)                 

            David Pate (USA)                 

1990    Pieter Aldrich (SA)                

            Danie Visser (SA)                  

1989    Rick Leach (USA)                 

            Jim Pugh (USA)                     

1988    Rick Leach (USA)                 

            Jim Pugh (USA)                     

1987    Stefan Edberg (SWE)            

            Anders Jarryd (SWE)            

1986    No competition               


1985    Paul Annacone (USA)                       

            Christo van Rensburg (SA)    

1984    Mark Edmondson (AUS)      

            Sherwood Stewart (USA)     

1983    Mark Edmondson (AUS)      

            Paul McNamee (AUS)           

1982    John Alexander (AUS)          

            John Fitzgerald (AUS)           

1981    Mark Edmondson (AUS)      

            Kim Warwick (AUS)             

1980    Mark Edmondson (AUS)      

            Kim Warwick (AUS)             

1979    Peter McNamara (AUS)        

            Paul McNamee (AUS)           

1978    Wojtek Fibak (POL)              

            Kim Warwick (AUS)             

1977    Arthur Ashe (USA)               

(Jan)   Tony Roche (AUS)                

1977    Ray Ruffels (AUS)                

(Dec)   Allan Stone (AUS)                

1976    John Newcombe (AUS)         

            Tony Roche (AUS)                

1975    John Alexander (AUS)          

            Phil Dent (AUS)                    

1974    Ross Case (AUS)                   

            Geoff Masters (AUS)            

1973    Malcolm Anderson (AUS)     

            John Newcombe (AUS)         

1972    Owen Davidson (AUS)         

            Ken Rosewall (AUS)             

1971    John Newcombe (AUS)         

            Tony Roche (AUS)                

1970    Robert Lutz (USA)                

            Stan Smith (USA)                  

1969    Roy Emerson (AUS)              

            Rod Laver (AUS)                  

Open Era Tennis Begins May 1968

1968 Australian Open Held From 19-29 January 1968

1968    Dick Crealy (AUS)                

            Allan Stone (AUS)                

1967    John Newcombe (AUS)         

            Tony Roche (AUS)                

1966    Roy Emerson (AUS)              

            Fred Stolle (AUS) `               

1965    John Newcombe (AUS)         

            Tony Roche (AUS)                

1964    Bob Hewitt (AUS)                

            Fred Stolle (AUS) `               

1963    Bob Hewitt (AUS)                

            Fred Stolle (AUS) `               

1962    Roy Emerson (AUS)              

            Neale Fraser (AUS)               

1961    Rod Laver (AUS)                  

            Robert Mark (AUS)               

1960    Rod Laver (AUS)                  

            Robert Mark (AUS)               

1959    Rod Laver (AUS)                  

            Robert Mark (AUS)               

1958    Ashley Cooper (AUS)                       

            Neale Fraser (AUS)               

1957    Neale Fraser (AUS)               

            Lew Hoad (AUS)                  

1956    Lew Hoad (AUS)                  

            Ken Rosewall (AUS)             

1955    Vic Seixas (USA)                  

            Tony Trabert (USA)               

1954    Rex Hartwig (AUS)               

            Mervyn Rose (AUS)              

1953    Lew Hoad (AUS)                  

            Ken Rosewall (AUS)             

1952    Ken McGregor (AUS)                       

            Frank Sedgman (AUS)          

1951    Ken McGregor (AUS)                       

            Frank Sedgman (AUS)          

1950    John Bromwich (AUS)          

            Adrian Quist (AUS)              

1949    John Bromwich (AUS)          

            Adrian Quist (AUS)              

1948    John Bromwich (AUS)          

            Adrian Quist (AUS)              

1947    John Bromwich (AUS)          

            Adrian Quist (AUS)              

1946    John Bromwich (AUS)          

            Adrian Quist (AUS)              

1945    No competition                      


1944    No competition                      


1943    No competition                      


1942    No competition                      


1941    No competition                      


1940    John Bromwich (AUS)          

            Adrian Quist (AUS)              

1939    John Bromwich (AUS)          

            Adrian Quist (AUS)              

1938    John Bromwich (AUS)          

            Adrian Quist (AUS)              

1937    Adrian Quist (AUS)              

            Don Turnbull (AUS)              

1936    Adrian Quist (AUS)              

            Don Turnbull (AUS)              

1935    Jack Crawford (AUS)            

            Vivian McGrath (AUS)         

1934    Fred Perry (UK)                     

            Pat Hughes (UK)                   

1933    Keith Gledhill (AUS)            

            Ellsworth Vines (USA)          

1932    Jack Crawford (AUS)            

            Edgar Moon (AUS)               

1931    Charles Donohoe (AUS)        

            Ray Dunlop (AUS)                

1930    Jack Crawford (AUS)            

            Harry Hopman (AUS)                       

1929    Jack Crawford (AUS)            

            Harry Hopman (AUS)                       

1928    Jean Borotra (FRA)               

            Jacques Brugnon (FRA)        

1927    John Hawkes (AUS)              

            Gerald Patterson (AUS)        

1926    John Hawkes (AUS)              

            Gerald Patterson (AUS)        

1925    Pat O’Hara Wood (AUS)      

            Gerald Patterson (AUS)        

1924    James Anderson (AUS)         

            Norman Brookes (Aus)          

1923    Pat O’Hara Wood (AUS)      

            Bert St. John (AUS)              

1922    John Hawkes (AUS)              

            Gerald Patterson (AUS)        

1921    S. H. Eaton (AUS)                 

            Rhys Gemmell (AUS)            

1920    Pat O’Hara Wood (AUS)      

            Ron Thomas (AUS)               

1919    Pat O’Hara Wood (AUS)      

            Ron Thomas (AUS)               

1918    No competition                      


1917    No competition                      


1916    No competition                      


1915    Horace Rice (AUS)                

           C. V. Todd (AUS)

1914    Ashley Campbell (AUS)        

            Gerald Patterson (AUS)        

1913    A. Hedeman (AUS)               

            Ernie Parker (AUS)                

1912    James Cecil Parke (AUS)       

            Charles Dixon (UK)               

1911    Rodney Heath (AUS)            

            Randolph Lycett (UK)          

1910    Ashley Campbell (AUS)        

            Horace Rice (AUS)                

1909    J. P. Keane (AUS)                 

            Ernie Parker (AUS)                

1908    Fred Alexander (USA)          

            Alfred Dunlop (AUS)            

1907    Bill Gregg (Tennis)                

            Harry Parker (AUS)               

1906    Rodney Heath (AUS)            

            Anthony Wilding (AUS)       

1905    Randolph Lycett (UK)          

            Tom Tachell (AUS)                


Most Grand Slam Men’s Doubles Titles (all-time)

Titles   Players

17        John Newcombe (AUS),

16        Roy Emerson (AUS), Todd Woodbridge (AUS), Bob Bryan (USA), Mike Bryan (USA),

14        Adrian Quist (AUS),

13        John Bromwich (AUS), Tony Roche (AUS),

12        Mark Woodforde (AUS),

11        Neale Fraser (AUS),

10        Fred Stolle (AUS), Jacques Brugnon (FRA), Laurence Doherty (UK), Reginald Doherty (UK),

9          Bob Hewitt (SA), Frank Sedgman (AUS), Jean Borotra (FRA), Ken Rosewall (AUS), John McEnroe (USA), Jonas Bjorkman (SWE),

8          Anders Jarryd (SWE), George Lott (USA), Lew Hoad (AUS), Daniel Nestor (CAN), Leander Paes (IND),

7          Ken McGregor (AUS), John Fitzgerald (AUS), Peter Fleming, (USA) Vincent Richards (USA),

6          Bill Tilden (USA), Fred Alexander (USA), Gerald Patterson (AUS), Holcombe Ward (USA), Jacco Eltingh (NET), Jack Crawford (AUS), Jack Kramer (USA), John Van Ryn (USA), Paul Haarhuis (NET), Richard Sears (USA), Rod Laver (AUS), Max Mirnyi (BEL),



AUS                Australia

AU                  Austria

BAH               Bahamas

BEL                Belarus

BE                   Belgium

BRA                Brazil

CAN               Canada

CRO                Croatia

CZE                Czech Republic

CZE                Czechoslovakia

DEN                Denmark

ECU                Ecuador

FIN                 Finland

FRA                France

GER                Germany

HUN               Hungary

IND                 India

ISR                  Israel

ITA                 Italy

JAP                 Japan

MEX               Mexico

NAZ                Nazi Germany

NET                The Netherlands

PER                 Peru

POL                Poland

ROM               Romania

RUS                Russia

SA                   South Africa

SER                 Serbia

SPA                 Spain

SWE                Sweden

SWI                 Switzerland

UK                  United Kingdom

URU               Uruguay

USA                United States of America

YUG               Yugoslavia

ZIM                 Zimbabwe