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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff

Keep New Zealand Apples Out Of Tasmania!

Victor P Taffa

Primary Industries Minister Bryan Green must immediately lobby his Federal counterparts to ensure that Tasmania retains its regional differentiation measures and keeps New Zealand apples out of the state, Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff said today.

“The call comes on the back of the decision today by the Federal Government to allow New Zealand apple imports into Australia a move that could have disastrous ramifications for Tasmania’s fruit industry.”

“It is absolutely critical that the Tasmanian apple industry retains its fire-blight disease-free status. This deal is not about trade. It is about keeping Tasmania’s apple industry free of disease.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“An outbreak of fire-blight would undoubtedly decimate the state’s lucrative export market, and Tasmania simply does not have the adequate skills or resources to detect or eradicate an outbreak of the deadly fire-blight disease if it hit the state.”

“On top of this, the Green-Labor Government is intent on continuing to cut the state’s already stretched biosecurity and quarantine budget when the industry can least afford.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“I call on the Minister to immediately lobby the Federal Government and ensure that the ban on New Zealand apples coming into Tasmania remains.”

“The Liberals will continue to oppose any decision that places Tasmania’s pest and disease-free status and our apple industry at risk now and into the future.” Mr. Rockliff said.


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