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Federal Shadow Minister for Education Apprenticeships and Training Christopher Pyne

Rudd Flannelling On Debt

Victor P Taffa

“Because of the global recession the Government will go into temporary deficit.”  

(Kevin Rudd, Speech, 3/2/2009)

“We had to borrow temporarily to do that.”

(Kevin Rudd, talking to construction workers re the GFC, 28/8/13)

“We had to borrow temporarily to do that.

(Kevin Rudd, Rooty Hill debate on the GFC, 28/8/13)

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is hoodwinking people with his claims that he only borrowed “temporarily” to manage the global financial crisis.

“The fact is that under Mr. Rudd Labor is still borrowing money and spending big.”

“In the Pre-Election Financial Outlook (PEFO) and Mr. Rudd’s own Economic Update released on August 2 this year, borrowing is projected to continue rising from $300 Billion in 2013-14 to $370 Billion in 2015-16.” Federal Shadow Minister for Education Christopher Pyne said.

“No amount of flannelling, no amount of obfuscation or downright lying can escape the black and white facts of the PEFO and Economic Update.”

“Mr. Rudd is still borrowing and those borrowings are not temporary.” Mr. Pyne said.


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