Attorney-General Appoints Meredith Day Huntingford To The Local Court

Attorney-General Appoints Meredith Day Huntingford To The Local Court

Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles

Meredith Day Huntingford Appointed As New Judge Of The Local Court

Victor P Taffa

Meredith Day Huntingford has been appointed as a new Judge of the Local Court of the Northern Territory.

Ms. Day is the current deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice and is a highly respected legal practitioner who is well known across the Territory.

“Meredith Day has been practicing law in the Northern Territory for over three decades and has a vast array of legal experience.” Attorney-General Natasha Fyles said.

“She has served Territorians in a number of key legal roles both in government and in the private sector.”

She has practiced law in the Northern Territory since 1987 in a wide range of areas including workers’ compensation, child protection and domestic violence.

Prior to being appointed as Deputy CEO, Ms. Day served as the Director of Litigation at the Solicitor for the Northern Territory, Judicial Registrar of the Local Court and head of legal for the Department of Health.

Outside of Government, Ms. Day has worked as a law lecturer at Charles Darwin University and a partner at law firm Hunt & Hunt.

Ms. Day will commence in this role later this year.