Attorney-General Announces Solicitors’ Guarantee Fund Grant Recipients

Attorney-General Announces Solicitors’ Guarantee Fund Grant Recipients

Tasmania Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin

$2.6 Million In Grants To Ensure Better Access To Justice

Victor P Taffa

Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin has announced the awarding of $2.6 Million in grants from the Solicitors’ Guarantee Fund (the Fund).

While the principal purpose of the Fund is to compensate clients who suffer losses due to the misbehaviour of their lawyer, if the Fund is in surplus the Attorney-General may award grants to organisations that provide legal services, undertake legal research, and/or raise community awareness of the law in Tasmania.

Grant recipients represent a broad scope of projects to ensure all Tasmanians have better access to justice.

Project recipients include

  • Community Legal Centres,
  • Law Foundation of Tasmania,
  • Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania,
  • Refugee Legal Service.

Examples of grants are:

  • Funding for a Legal Literacy Volunteer Program;
  • Updates to the Tasmanian Law Handbook;
  • A scholarship for a female or aboriginal lawyer to commence practice at the Tasmanian Bar;
  • Monthly advisory clinics at Risdon Prison to assist prisoners with parole applications;
  • A Pilot Witness Assistance Service project for vulnerable people in the Magistrates Court;
  • The provision of legal services for tenants in the North and North-West of the State.

“The Government recognises and values the important role that legal assistance and other organisations play in our community, and this funding will expand on our commitment to protect Tasmania’s most vulnerable citizens.” Attorney-General Goodwin said.