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Western Australia Attorney General John Quigley

2 New Appointments To The Magistrates Court Announced

Victor P Taffa

  • 2 new appointments to the Magistrates Court of Western Australia
  • Christian Miocevich and David Maclean to fill the positions effective from September 3, 2018

Attorney General John Quigley is pleased to announce the appointment of Christian Miocevich and David Maclean as magistrates of the Magistrates Court of Western Australia.

“Mr. Miocevich and Mr. Maclean are both outstanding lawyers and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the Magistrates Court.” Attorney General John Quigley said.


Christian Miocevich

Christian Miocevich was admitted to practice in 1989 in the Northern Territory and in 1991 in Western Australia.

He spent approximately 15 years working as a solicitor and counsel at the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia, where he advised lawyers from around the State on questions of law and on appeals whilst performing trials and duty work.

Mr. Miocevich has conducted a private practice predominantly in criminal law and provided regular pro bono advice to organisations such as Legal Aid and the Aboriginal Legal Service.

He has been Chairperson of the Legal Aid Review Committee since December 2005 and a panel lawyer on the Crisis Centre Panel, which provides legal advice to juveniles arrested after hours.


David Maclean

David Maclean is highly regarded in the legal profession and is the first indigenous magistrate appointed in Western Australia since Sue Gordon AM, and the first indigenous man.

He was admitted to practice in Western Australia in 1991 and has worked in civil litigation, criminal law, employment law and industrial relations as well as appearing at Royal Commissions.

Mr. Maclean worked for the Aboriginal Legal Service from 1998 to 2001 and represented litigants in matters concerning the Stolen Generation and Inheritance Act claims.

He joined the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in February 2007, and in 2008 he commenced practice as a barrister before becoming a full-time ordinary Member of the State Administrative Tribunal in 2015.


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