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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer

Government Must Adopt Liberals Mandatory Sentencing Policy

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania’s Police and emergency service workers should not have to put up with abuse and physical attacks.

It’s appalling that one Police officer is assaulted on average every 30 hours and it’s a clear sign that the Green-Labor Government needs to do more *, according to Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer.

“It’s time for the Government to get serious about assaults on our emergency service personnel, and adopt the Liberal policy of mandatory sentences.”

“Police are already struggling to cope with catastrophic budget cuts caused by the Government’s financial incompetence they shouldn’t also be abandoned when it comes to their safety.” Ms. Archer said.

“We should be showing emergency workers that we respect and value what they do for the community every day.”

“David O’Byrne needs to put politics aside and finally back the Liberals plan for mandatory sentences for anyone who assaults a Police officer or emergency service worker.” Ms. Archer said.

*The Advocate 8/5/12


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