As State Premier Adam Giles Would Call The Shots Not Canberra

As State Premier Adam Giles Would Call The Shots Not Canberra

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles

Feds Told Fish Harvesters Not Welcome In NT

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister Adam Giles has written to the Federal Government to make it clear that a ‘super trawler’ operation in waters off the Northern Territory would not be welcome.

“I’ve expressed to the Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, that the Northern Territory Government has serious concerns around the possibility of a ‘super trawler’ pillaging our waters.” Chief Minister Giles said.

“We are world renowned for our fishing destinations and our local fish produce is second to none; it’s important we protect those things for future generations.”


“Fishing is an iconic recreational pursuit for Territorians and visitor’s alike and customary fishing is practiced across the Territory. Our waters are also home to a number of valuable commercial fisheries with scope for appropriately scaled sustainable growth.”

“We don’t want to see a situation where our local operators are pushed out of the market because of a large ‘super trawlers’ take large quantities of fish stocks.”

“It is important the Federal Government recognises our northern fisheries are smaller in scale than any that would sustainably accommodate extremely large vessels or ‘super trawlers’.”

“The potential environmental, social and economic risks of an operation of this scale are an important issue for all Territorians.”

“The Country Liberals Government is committed to protecting and enhancing the Territory’s unique and enviable lifestyle.” Chief Minister Giles said.

The Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries will outline the Northern Territory Government’s position in a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the potential economic, social and environmental impacts of such ‘super trawlers’.

Roll-on Roll-off Rail Ferry will convey HSR, Regional, Suburban, Freight Trains and Tram Cars across Bass Strait

Roll-on Roll-off Rail Ferry will convey HSR, Regional, Suburban, Freight Trains and Tram Cars across Bass Strait










As Australia’s 7th duly constituted State of the Commonwealth The Northern Territory would have far more autonomous authority and power than it currently does.

The Northern Territory would become a State along existing boundaries and most appropriately be named the State of Northern Australia.

As State Premier Adam Giles would not have to write to the Federal Government on a matter such as this.

Australia is not over governed. Rather it is the attempted Power Grab by the Federal Government against the States that is the worry.

Case in point was the Newcastle Railway Line in New South Wales. The State of New South Wales was illegally railroaded into closing down the Newcastle Railway Line because the Federal Government said so.

Local Government mergers in New South Wales are really the Federal Government forcing Regional Government upon New South Wales which is a backdoor means of abolishing a tier of Government.

Similarly Rapid Transit Metro Rail Technology is being forced down the throat of Sydney at any cost.

Rapid Transit Metro Rail Technology will strangle the operational effectiveness of the North Shore, City Circle, Western and Northern Lines.

What every Capital City in each State and Territory needs in co-operation with the Federal Government is High Speed Rail that operates at speeds of 450 km/h including Hobart via a roll-on roll-off Rail Ferry across Bass Strait.

Instead of the Federal Government attempting a power grab, the Federal Government should return to Federalism and work with State and Territory Governments rather than against them.

The sooner that Adam Giles becomes State Premier of Northern Australia the better for all concerned.