Approval Granted For New Hall At Kingaroy State High School

Approval Granted For New Hall At Kingaroy State High School

Queensland Minister for Education Kate Jones

New Hall In Sight For Kingaroy SHS

Victor P Taffa

A $4.5 Million school hall planned for Kingaroy State High School is one step closer to being a reality after the designation of land for the site was approved this month.

Education Minister Kate Jones said construction of the new hall is planned to start in November this year and finish in May 2018.

1,350 sq building will include a full size netball court and performing arts facilities.

“This is great news for Kingaroy school students who have had to use the Town Hall for all their big events in the past.” Minister Jones said.

“Having a new hall will allow Kingaroy State High School to host events onsite which will be so much more convenient for students and staff.”

“Large halls like this one give schools much more scope to conduct a wide range of activities and give them a covered area for assemblies.” Minister Jones said.

“Kingaroy is a town with a strong local community this community will also be able to use the hall on occasion.”

Minister Jones said construction of Kingaroy State High School’s hall was part of a significant schools improvement program funded by the State Government.

“State Government will invest $4.5 Million to build this large hall as part of the $200 Million Advancing Queensland Schools (AQS) program announced in March this year.” Minister Jones said.

“Advancing Queensland Schools program affords $116.7 Million to build new halls and upgrading existing halls at 30 state schools.”

“This program shows the governments’ commitment to giving Queensland students the best education possible.”

Minister Jones said investment in Kingaroy’s school hall would also benefit the local construction industry.

“It will support 20 jobs and create important training opportunities for apprentices this development is a big win for Kingaroy and Kingaroy State High School.” Minister Jones said.