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If You Plan To Drink, Plan Not To Drive

Western Australia Minister for Police and Road Safety Rob Johnson

More Than 16,000 WA Drivers Tested During Drink-Driving Blitz

Victor P Taffa

The State Government’s massive blitz against drink-drivers during the Christmas and New Year holiday period enabled WA Police to breath test an extra 16,073 drivers across the State.

Western Australia Minister for Police and Road Safety Rob Johnson said the scale of the ‘ANYWHERE, ANYTIME’ campaign, from December 7, 2009 to January 17, 2010, had never been seen before on Western Australian roads.

Mr. Johnson said the Government had provided $400,000 to fund up to an additional 5,500 Policing hours to crack down on drink-driving and other offences on the smallest suburban back streets and the quietest regional roads.

“The main aim of this operation was to reinforce the ‘ANYWHERE, ANYTIME’ message to motorists who had too much to drink and thought they could take the back streets to avoid detection.” Mr. Johnson said.

“The aim was clearly achieved, with Police breath testing an extra 16,000 drivers over and above their usual Christmas road campaign.”

“Targeted areas included back streets, laneways, licensed premises and liquor outlets located away from major roads and highways.”

“Anyone who drinks and drives is making a potentially deadly mistake as they not only risk killing themselves, but also their passengers and other innocent road users.” Mr. Johnson said.

“The message is simple – if you plan to drink, plan not to drive.”

From the 16,073 drivers who were breath tested, there were 337 charges for drink- driving related offences:

  • 41 – driving under the influence
  • 126 – excess 0.08
  • 135 – excess 0.05
  • 26 – excess 0.02
  • 5 – novice 0.0019
  • 2 – fail to comply
  • 2 – drugs.

During the targeted blitz, Police also charged:

  •  240 drivers for speeding,
  • 52 people for not wearing a seatbelt,
  • 35 for using their mobile phone.

The Police operation was supported by a $500,000 media campaign across the State to support the road safety message throughout the festive season.


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