Answers Demanded From Premier Regarding Electorate Office Staffing Matters

Answers Demanded From Premier Regarding Electorate Office Staffing Matters

Victoria Shadow Attorney-General John Pesutto

What Did Daniel Andrews Know And When Did He Know It?

Victor P Taffa

Premier Daniel Andrews must front up to the Privileges Committee Inquiry into Matters Relating to the Misuse of Electorate Office Staffing and answer questions under oath, Shadow Attorney-General John Pesutto said.


“There are too many questions that remain unanswered because Daniel Andrews refused to cooperate with the Ombudsman.”

“Daniel Andrews can’t keep running and hiding, he has to front up to the inquiry under oath.”

“Labor stole $387,000 from Victorian taxpayers and they want to know what Daniel Andrews knew and when did he know it?” Mr. Pesutto asked.

“It beggars belief that John Lenders was on a frolic of his own.” Mr. Pesutto said.

It doesn’t pass the sniff test that John Lenders (Former Labor Treasurer) and at least 20 Labor MP’s never discussed this with Daniel Andrews. John Lenders and Daniel Andrews were both on Labor’s campaign committee and discussed campaign tactics on a daily basis.

While dozens of Labor MP’s refused to give evidence, one of Daniel Andrews’ former Ministers has given sworn testimony that Daniel Andrews knew of concerns.

That’s why Daniel Andrews needs to give evidence under oath and expressly deny that he knew and approved this rorting of taxpayers’ money.

“When it comes to trust, there is a pattern of behaviour when it comes to Daniel Andrews.”

“There was the stolen dictaphone which Daniel Andrews couldn’t explain, the secret UFU deal which Daniel Andrews keeps dodging, and now the Red Shirts rort which Daniel Andrews says was occurring without his knowledge and approval.” Mr. Pesutto said.



MP’s                Members of Parliament

UFU                United Firefighters Union