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Queensland Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson

Bungled $26 Million Train Timetables Set For A Review

Victor P Taffa

Transport Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk’s admission that the new $26 Million train timetables may be subject to another review was proof Labor had bungled their implementation, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the $26 Million spent on the first major upgrade of train timetables in almost 15 years had not alleviated overcrowding for public transport commuters.

“Almost 15 years and $26 Million later and Labor still haven’t got it right.” Mr. Emerson said.

Mr. Emerson said the feedback in the past 48 hours from commuters on these new timetables had been a loss of services, longer journeys, and overcrowding.


“It’s a farce when the Minister admits we may need another ‘review of the review’. What Labor promises and what they deliver are two different things.”

“This isn’t the type of service commuters expect when fares have already gone up 20 % last year, 15 % this year, and are set to increase 15 % each year until 2014.”

Following photos* submitted by commuters, Mr. Emerson said he was concerned commuters were being packed into carriages already at their maximum passenger capacity.

“Each train has a maximum passenger capacity for a reason and when commuters are being packed in like sardines it’s getting dangerously close to unsafe.” Mr. Emerson said.

Mr. Emerson said the tired 20 year old Labor Government had done little to improve public transport services.

“How long do Queenslanders have to wait for this 20 year old Labor Government to get it right?”

“Under Labor, Queensland is always in catch up mode. In stark contrast, the Campbell Newman Liberal National Party team will forward plan, not live for the moment.” Mr. Emerson said.

The issue with fare increases and overcrowding is at what point will contracts be signed and dirt begun to be dug on the construction of badly needed Railway Lines?

Queensland Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson

Queensland Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson


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