Andrews Govt Unfunded Election Promises

Andrews Govt Unfunded Election Promises

Victoria Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien

Enough Is Enough Time For The Treasurer To Come Out Of Hiding

Victor P Taffa

With record numbers of Victorians voting early, it is high time Premier Daniel Andrews and Treasurer Tim Pallas come clean on their plans for new taxes to pay for their $56 Billion in unfunded infrastructure promises.

Tim Pallas must front up for a tax debate this week and explain Labor’s tax plan to Victorians any place, any time, Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien said.

“For a Treasurer to be MIA from the campaign trail in the way Tim Pallas has been is just extraordinary.”

“Why is he in hiding? Is he putting the final touches on Labor’s plan to extend Victoria’s lead as the highest taxing state in the country?” Shadow Treasurer O’Brien asked.

We know that Labor will introduce new taxes because their own government documents say so.

When Premier Daniel Andrews announced his Suburban Rail Loop on August 28, he said:

“Value capture opportunities will be required to fund the project.”

Make no mistake, value capture is simply Labor’s code for new taxes. 

Modelling commissioned by Premier Daniel Andrews’ handpicked advisers at Infrastructure Victoria lays bare the $12.5 Billion in new taxes he will introduce under the guise of ‘value capture’:

  • Tax on the family home of $435 per year, every year for thirty years with no exemptions and no deferrals;
  • Property tax on business of $21 per sqm for commercial properties and $10 per sqm for industrial properties;
  • Parking taxes to park at local railway stations;
  • Car registration increases;
  • Higher payroll taxes on jobs;
  • Higher public transport fares.

Treasurer Tim Pallas must front up for a debate and explain:

  • Which of these taxes will he introduce?
  • When will they commence?
  • How much more will Victorians have to pay?

“Anything less is treating Victorian voters with utter contempt.” Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien said.

Victoria State Election will be held on 24 November 2018.