Andrews Govt To Turn Out Lights In Victoria

Andrews Govt To Turn Out Lights In Victoria

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews

Andrews Government To Support Hazelwood Workers

Victor P Taffa

An announcement by French energy company, Engie, that it will close the Hazelwood Power Plant and mine is gut wrenching news for Hazelwood workers, their families and Latrobe Valley communities.

“For many families in the Latrobe Valley, there won’t be a tougher day than this.” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“We stood with the people of the Latrobe Valley during the mine fire, and we stand with them now. We will do everything we can to give them the support they need.”

Andrews Government has said that it will stand with these workers and their families, we will put them and the Latrobe Valley first.

“This response starts right now, focused on the immediate support workers need.” Minister for Industry and Employment Wade Noonan said.

Engie has made this decision because the French Government is divesting out of brown coal assets and the costs involved in keeping the power plant and mine safe for workers.

“The closure of Hazelwood will not affect the security of Victoria’s electricity supply, as the state has multiple sources of generation from coal, gas and wind and can source power from other states if needed.” Minister for Energy Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said.

Latrobe Valley Cabinet Taskforce, chaired by the Premier, has been meeting to plan for this very moment.

In the immediate term, a $22 Million package of support will be available for Hazelwood workers and affected businesses. This includes:  

  • A Worker Transition Centre established in Morwell in partnership with the Gippsland Trades and Labour Council, a one-stop-shop for individual support
  • Education, counselling, financial advice and subsidised job-seeker training for workers in transition
  • Tailored support for businesses to help them identify new opportunities and develop a transition plan
  • An expansion of the Back to Work program to businesses that employ workers in the Latrobe Valley

A call centre and website will go live today to provide affected workers with access to information and support.

$20 Million will fund the establishment of a dedicated Latrobe Valley Authority to lead the Government’s response and manage the transition and the future economic development of the Latrobe Valley.

Latrobe Valley Authority, based in Morwell, will work with locals and businesses, the Gippsland Regional Partnership and all levels of government to cut red tape and give locals a real say over their future.

To ensure the Latrobe Valley Authority gets to work straight away, the Government has appointed Kylie White, a respected senior public servant with experience in resources and energy, as interim CEO.

VIC Premier Daniel Andrews

VIC Premier Daniel Andrews








Internationalist Policies And Internationalist Politicians

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