Andrews Govt Recruits 282 Paramedics In Just 1 Year

Andrews Govt Recruits 282 Paramedics In Just 1 Year

Victoria Minister for Ambulance Services Jill Hennessy

Getting 282 More Paramedics On The Road In Just 1 Year

Victor P Taffa

Just 1 year into its promise to employ an extra 450 paramedics over 3 years, the Andrews Government is getting the job done with 282 more paramedics already recruited.

Minister for Ambulance Services Jill Hennessy today personally welcomed 48 new paramedics from the latest intake of 72, all of whom will hit the road by Christmas.

“Our hardworking paramedics are our everyday heroes as they go about their jobs saving lives.” Minister for Ambulance Services Jill Hennessy said.


“We invest in our ambulance services because we want to support our paramedics in every way we can just as they support us each and every day on the roads, in our homes and workplaces when we need them.”

This latest intake is part of the State Government’s $500 Million plan to improve response times, employ 450 more paramedics, buy new vehicles and build more stations across the state. This investment, along with a further $26.5 Million in this year’s budget, is the largest funding boost ever for Victoria’s ambulance services.

In the past year, the Andrews Government has opened 6 new Super Response Centres in

  • Bayswater,
  • Campbellfield,
  • Dandenong South,
  • Laverton,
  • Preston,
  • Westmeadows.

These will serve growing populations on the urban fringe, and 22 ambulance services have been added at locations across the state to meet local demand.

12 new non-emergency patient transport services have started, freeing up paramedics and ambulances to respond to even more emergencies, where and when they are needed most.

First 6 of 12 new ambulance services in rural and remote towns with local paramedics and vehicles are due to start early 2018.

Last month, the Andrews Government launched Australia’s first stroke ambulance, assessing patients on the spot to speed up treatment and save lives. Several patients have already undergone scans with 2 receiving clot-busting medication.

Ambulance reforms and funding boost means more ambulances are arriving at emergencies sooner helping save lives.

Code 1 ambulance response times across Victoria in the first quarter were the best in 8 years, with ambulances across the state getting to life threatening emergencies 35 seconds faster compared to last year, with 79.5 % of Code 1 callouts arriving within the target 15 minutes.

This means Code 1 ambulances are now arriving 1 minute and 34 seconds faster compared to this quarter 3 years ago, when response times under the Liberals blew out to the worst September quarter on record.