An Open Letter To The Victoria Electoral Commission (VEC)

An Open Letter To The Victoria Electoral Commission (VEC)

Locking Up A Journalist In New South Wales

Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

Victor P Taffa

Having come to Victoria to cover the State Election it was a holiday until the Ryde Community Team and the Mental Health Review Tribunal contacted me on 19 November 2010 about maintaining control over my life.

In some ways the Health Workers that run that system have because the Labor Party refuses to fund Mental Health are more concerned with keeping control of you through the Pathetic Community Treatment Orders. (CTO).

In January 2010 the biased so called ‘mainstream’ media engaged in tactics of harassment, abuse and assault. The Sydney Tabloid Newspaper and Television Cameramen from the Major Networks used these tactics at NSW Police Media Conferences.

Rather than calling I and other media together the NSW Police simply decided to remove me from the Police Media List and as such do not cover Police Stories. This continues a practice by a particular Deputy Commissioner who is short, fat and bigoted against me.

This continues years of harassment by the NSW Police and have sought to blacken my name with other Police Services. If charges are to be laid against me then so be it however ongoing harassment is completely wrong as is the NSW Police Opposition to Railway Expansion.

On 27 November 2010 in the Tally Room for 6 hours I would sit there and not have adequate facilities such as a desk.

This issue may seem insignificant however the half baked Sydney Journalist from a Tabloid Newspaper used this excuse when I sought to join the Sydney Press Gallery at State Parliament and the same problem arose with the Canberra Press Gallery.

Quite clearly I would be better served by not turning up to the Tally Room on 27 November 2010.

The so called ‘Mainstream’ Media do not wish to recognise the existence of The Southern Thunderer and I do not wish to be subjected to abuse in the Tally Room.

The reality of the Press Coverage is that it is biased against the Liberal and National Parties.

The results of the Victoria State Election will be published and the best resource is the VEC website.