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Roads And Railway Budget Should Be On A 50:50 Equal Basis

Victor P Taffa Candidate for Newcastle 26 March 2011

Victor P Taffa

As opinion polling suggests New South Wales will be Governed by a Liberal/National Coalition led by Barry O’Farrell as Premier and Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner as Deputy Premier after 26 March 2011.

Andrew Stoner as with new Victoria Deputy Premier and Nationals Leader Peter Ryan is a straight forward no-nonsense talker. The one difference between Peter Ryan and Andrew Stoner is that Andrew Stoner calls ‘A Spade a Spade’ while Peter Ryan calls ‘A Spade a Bloody Shovel.’



As New South Wales Minister for Roads the issue that Andrew Stoner will have under his administration is the Roads Budget. The Roads and Traffic Authority (R.T.A.) has under various names for decades had the lion’s share of funding for Roads at the expense of Railway Funding.

Some people from the dinosaur era would not give the Railways one red cent and are happy Sydney destroyed the Tramways.

VIC Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

VIC Deputy Premier Peter Ryan








Road and Railway 50:50 Funding Ratio:

The Roads and Railway Budget should be on a 50:50 equal basis. Governments already receive income from various Road and Motorist sources.

Railways similarly can make money for the Government and some ideas are contained in previous articles in the Transport Page of The Southern Thunderer and in the detailed Overview Report in

Many people wish to see the M4 East and M2-F3 Road Projects completed. It was not that long ago that Pennant Hills Road was a 4 Lane Road through Pennant Hills and Thornleigh.

Railway and Tramway Expansion are not some novel romantic ideas as some would suggest but are a necessity if Sydney is not going to come to a complete grinding halt.

Decades of neglect are to blame for this situation.

The same people who oppose Railway Expansion have also opposed and obstructed the vital upgrade of Country Cart Tracks such as the:

  • Pacific Highway,
  • Princes Highway,
  • Monaro Highway,
  • Kings Highway,
  • Castlereagh Highway,
  • Mid Western Highway,
  • Cobb Highway.

There are many other Country Roads that are simply an embarrassment to their users.


Concord Road Rhodes Median Fence

Concord Road Rhodes Median Fence







Kilometre Based Funding:

In addition to the 50:50 Roads and Railway Funding ratio is that of the Roads Budget there needs to be a Kilometre Basis for Funding.

The R.T.A not only has the lion’s share of Government Funding but the budget is largely spent in Sydney.

Naturally the largest population is in Sydney however the R.T.A continues to place dividing fences on 6 lane Roads with a large Median Strip such as that on Concord Road, Rhodes. Not one cent has gone to stop the carnage on Country Roads.

By implementing a Kilometre Based ratio for Roads funding this will ensure that the Pacific Highway receives more funding than at present.

The longer the Road the greater the Funds allocated.

Kilometre Based Funding will ensure that Funds starved Country Roads under an O’Farrell/ Stoner Government get their fair share and at the same time our Railways under a 50:50 Funding Ratio will also receive greater funding for badly needed Expansion in Plans as outlined in


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