An Open Letter To Jillian Skinner MP

An Open Letter To Jillian Skinner MP

Locking Journalists Up In New South Wales

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Shadow Minister for Health and Liberal Member for North Shore Jillian Skinner is someone who I have known and thought highly of over many years involvement with the Liberal Party.

Jillian Skinner has been the NSW Shadow Minister for Health longer than any other Shadow Minister for Health and does a superb job in the Portfolio.

Ongoing harassment by the NSW Labor Government via the Ryde Community Mental Health Team is a sick joke.

The only reason why Editor Victor P Taffa was placed in a Psychiatric Hospital in 2010 was due to the New South Wales Election that is to be held on 26 March 2011.


Editor Victor P Taffa announced the intention of contesting the Seat of Newcastle on 7 March 2010 in The Southern Thunderer.

The South Australia and Tasmania State Elections were held on 20 March 2010 and on 26 March 2010 the Labor Party decided to ‘Pounce’ and incarcerated Editor Victor P Taffa at Macquarie Hospital for 7 weeks.

After 7 weeks of incarceration at Macquarie Hospital Editor Victor P Taffa was ‘Blackmailed’ into signing a legally binding document called a Community Treatment Order (C.T.O). This is a legally binding document where the NSW Police can simply take you away at the drop of a hat. The Mental Health Act does not cover H.I.V. and similarly a C.T.O. does not recognise it.

This use of entrapment was to last for 6 months which expires on 13 November 2010. In a letter dated 3 November 2010 and received on 8 November 2010 the latest C.T.O. Hearing was postponed until Friday 19 November 2010.

Having faced ongoing harassment by the Labor Party since The Southern Thunderer was First Published on 14 October 2009 Editor Victor P Taffa decided to go to Victoria and on the one hand take a holiday and on the other hand cover events in the 27 November 2010 State Election.

The Ryde Community Mental Health Team and the Mental Health Review Tribunal decided to ruin my holiday on 19 November 2010 and hold a Telephone Hook Up to further extend for 6 Months a C.T.O. and continue to control and harass me.


Northern Supplement To Sydney Morning Herald Article 10 October 1985

Northern Supplement To Sydney Morning Herald Article 10 October 1985














On 29 November 2010 in a further measure of harassment while driving home from Victoria the Ryde Community Team decided to ring me up and again postpone a consultation with Dr. Robyn Bradley. This appointment was set down for 30 November 2010 however Rachel Freeman decided that “You must attend on 7 December.”  This I replied was not suitable and I advised that I would only deal with Dr. Bradley in the future.

Making an appointment that suits my ability to attend is common courtesy however the New South Wales Labor Government via the Ryde Community Mental Health Team is only interested in ongoing harassment of Victor P Taffa.

One wonders how much the NSW Minister for Health Pays the Ryde Team to continue this harassment of me?

Sometimes in life we all need some help and I have been accepting of this. Further for a minor period of time by missing some medication should NOT be a lifetime excuse by the Labor Party to continue to use the Health System for its own Political Advantage and Gain.

One of the conditions of the C.T.O. in May 2010 was to have a referring Psychiatric Doctor to go to upon Discharge. The Albion Street Centre in May 2010 did not have a Psychiatric Doctor and as at 8 November 2010 still does not have a Psychiatric Doctor.

The fact that the focus is on C.T.O’s and Hearings shows how little that it has to do with the improvement in a Patient’s Healthcare. Rather it is the maintenance of a severely underfunded system and the entire stigma associated.

The Labor Party who is in Government everywhere except Western Australia and Victoria could put funding into H.I.V., Cancer, Bipolar Disorder and other illnesses instead of using them as ‘Political Weapons’ against Editor Victor P Taffa. Western Australia is the only State/Territory to have an individual Minister for Mental Health.

For a Political Party so linked to the Catholic Church it is quite clear that there are many hypocrites in the Labor Party. Homosexuality is not a ‘Choice.’

Forcing people to sign C.T.O.’s or have to go to a particular Community Health Facility is NOT the way to make a person better. Entrapment and Coercion are tactics best left in Dictatorships and NOT a Democracy.

Going to Victoria was once again good to see Melbourne and travel on the Trams which Labor abandoned. Melbourne’s Tramway Network moves a lot of people and as with the Railways requires expansion.

For many years Victor P Taffa has supported Railway Expansion and is a very effective Spokesman for the case for Expansion.

Moving to Victoria would only serve the Oil and Airline Industries who would see the case for Railway Expansion go backwards in New South Wales.

NSW Labor Minister’s for Transport opposed Victor P Taffa from driving a Taxi and NSW Labor Minister’s for Health have decided to use the Mental Health System to question his mental capacity because of support for Railway Expansion.

The reason why Railway and Tramway Expansion and High-Speed Rail have not occurred is because the Labor Party for decades has done the bidding of the Oil and Airline Industries.

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally is attacking NSW Labor President Bernie Riordan over certain comments.

What the NSW Labor Government has not done and what Victor P Taffa has done is stand up for the jobs of RailCorp Train Drivers’ and Guards’ who would have sacked all and destroyed the RailCorp Network in favour of Metro Rail.

As with the decision to abandon the Parramatta-Epping Rail Link it is the Labor Party who has worked against the Railways time and again.

Editor Victor P Taffa will be contesting the NSW Seat of Newcastle on 26 March 2011 and will always actively support Railway and Tramway Expansion and the thousands of employees in the Rail Industry.

The NSW Labor Government seems to forget that the Oil Industry is not the only Industry to employ people.