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Northern Territory Shadow Attorney-General John Elferink

John Elferink Port Darwin MLA

Fisherman’s Wharf No Fisherman’s Friend

Victor P Taffa

Fisherman’s Wharf is so badly neglected that the capacity of local businesses to operate at maximum capacity is now being seriously compromised.

“There is evidence of structural decay with concrete crumbling away from metal re-enforcements.” Member for Port Darwin, John Elferink said.

“Hand rails are loose and in some instances sections of handrail have broken away from the wharf’s steps.”

“A handrail has rusted away and is missing completely and electrical cables are hanging in the water.” Mr. Elferink said.

“I have spoken to workers at the wharf and businesses that operate from the wharf who are concerned the area has become unsafe.”

“One businessman told me that a company whose staff he is contracted to ferry across the harbour will not allow their employees to alight at Fisherman’s Wharf for safety reasons.” Mr. Elferink said.

“A decade of Labor equals a decade of decay. The Government has let our harbour infrastructure in decay through neglect, and this is another example.”

“A wharf should be maintained as a road is maintained, so business operators can do their job.”

“The neglect at Fisherman’s Wharf should be a source of embarrassment to the Government.” Mr. Elferink said.


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