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Judicial Inquiry Into Kevin Rudd’s Home Insulation Programme

Victor P Taffa

If elected, within a month, the Coalition will establish a full judicial inquiry into the Rudd Government’s home insulation programme, Federal Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott said.

“Kevin Rudd’s home insulation programme was a disaster.”

“It led to the death of four young Australians, many other serious injuries, at least 220 house fires, thousands of potentially electrified roofs and it cost taxpayers more than $2.4 Billion.”

The recently released Queensland Coroner’s report found that the Rudd Government put economic stimulus ahead of human safety.

It found that there were fundamental failures in the programme’s planning and that the Rudd Government failed adequately to respond to multiple industry warnings.

“Most significantly, the Coroner’s report found that the loss of four lives could have been avoided.” Mr. Abbott said.

The Coalition will do all that it can to make available all information relevant to the programme so that victims’ families can finally receive the answers they deserve.

The letters that have been released between the Queensland Government and Mr. Garrett show there are many more questions that remain unanswered.

In particular, the letters raise questions as to when Mr. Rudd knew of the risks, what advice was provided to him about mitigating those risks, and what information was in the letters about the programme from Mr. Garrett to the Prime Minister.

“The Coalition has twice written to Kevin Rudd since his return as Prime Minister in June requesting the release of all the warnings he received.”

“There has been no response to Mr. Abbott’s letters.”

Federal Shadow Minister for Environment Greg Hunt

Federal Shadow Minister for Environment Greg Hunt











“We know that Kevin Rudd received 10 warnings about the program. He must release them all.” Mr. Abbott said.

“No government should allow any of its programmes to harm the community.”

“The Government owes the Australian people a full explanation of this massive policy failure. Given Kevin Rudd’s determination to keep these matters secret, a judicial inquiry will be established to ensure such a disaster never happens again.” Mr. Abbott said.

“The judicial inquiry will also examine the damage done to longstanding legitimate businesses whose commercial activities were damaged by the Government’s mismanagement of the scheme.”

“In establishing this judicial inquiry, the Coalition will provide the resources of the Australian Government Solicitor to assist the families of the four who lost their lives, and, importantly, give them a say on the framing of the terms of reference. Mr. Abbott said.



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