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Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

The Coalition’s Commitment To A Healthy Tamar River

Victor P Taffa

A Coalition government will provide $2.5 Million towards cleaning up the Tamar River, Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said.

“The Tamar is the lifeblood of Launceston and North-East Tasmania and siltation is impacting on the health and amenity of this important waterway.”

“Silt has been a long-term problem in the Tamar, but it has become even more critical as the upper reaches of the River have become increasingly hard to navigate.”

“The waterway not only looks unsightly during low tide but the health of the River is also diminishing and these impacts negatively on local tourism, business and its recreational use. Siltation is limiting the opportunities for local rowing and recreational clubs to use it.” Mr. Abbott said.

“Increasingly, cruises along the river have had to be cancelled due to the siltation. This in turn is impacting the tourism potential of the local economy.”

“Cleaning up the Tamar is not just good for the local economy it will be good for the local environment as well.”

“Federal and state Labor governments have never taken real action to manage the siltation. The Labor Member for Bass has publicly stated he will not lobby for funding.” Mr. Abbott said.

“At the 2010 state election, Labor promised $6.65 Million to address the silt problem but did not deliver.”

“Our commitment to provide $2.5 Million towards this project is not contingent on matching funding from a state Labor government that has failed the Tamar for years.”

“To withhold funding due to the obstinacy of state Labor would only punish the very people who should be helped and we will not do that.”

“With or without the help of the state government, the Coalition will provide the funding and get this done.” Mr. Abbott said.

“No more talk, no more reviews: let’s just do the job and improve the local environment and economy in Northern Tasmania.”

“This commitment builds on the Coalition’s policy to undertake hundreds of practical environmental projects across Australia through the building of a 15,000 strong Green Army.”

“In particular, the Green Army will undertake work supporting the northern Tasmanian waterways from Kings Bridge to Duck Reach along the South Esk. This work by the Green Army will protect endangered species and help strengthen the Esk’s existing biodiversity.”

“The choice at this election is clear: between Labor and its Member who refuses to lobby for the Tamar; or the Coalition and our candidate Andrew Nikolic who is a champion for the Tamar and his local community.” Mr. Abbott said.


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