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Northern Territory Chief Minister Terry Mills

Mills Visits Ampilatwatja Community

Victor P Taffa

Terry Mills today became the first Chief Minister to visit the Ampilatwatja community in Central Australia.

Chief Minister Mills visited the remote Central Australian community with Namatjira MLA Alison Anderson, Stuart MLA Bess Price, Arnhem MLA Larisa Lee and Daly MLA Gary Higgins.

“I thought it was important that our delegation visit Ampilatwatja to connect with residents who have had a difficult time over recent years.” Chief Minister Mills said.

“Sanitation issues forced the evacuation of the community several years ago and on-going health issues continue to be a concern.”

“It was instructive that the key issue rose during meetings with community leaders and Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh Aboriginal Corporation was the failure of the Labor Government’s super shires to respond to the issues of local residents.” Chief Minister Mills said.

“During today’s visit and my listening tour of Top End communities last week it was made very clear that the super shires had alienated residents from the key decision making processes.”

“It is important that all Territorians are able to play a part in the decisions that affect their lives and a Country Liberals Government will work with communities to improve their involvement in local decision making.” Chief Minister Mills said.


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