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Victoria Minister for Health David Davis

Come To The Table Over Ambulance Dispute: Davis

Victor P Taffa

The ambulance union should enter genuine negotiations to resolve the paramedic pay dispute, Health Minister David Davis said today.

Mr. Davis said tomorrow will be 100 days since the offer was made to take the dispute to an independent umpire at the Fair Work Commission, and the union still refuses to take this option.

“It’s time for the union to take politics off the table and instead come to the table at the Fair Work Commission to resolve this matter.” Mr. Davis said.

“This dispute has dragged on far too long, and the ambulance union has not been genuine in trying to come to an agreement.”

“Victoria’s public hospital doctors reached agreement a month ago on a pay deal, consistent with the Coalition Government’s wages policy, reached through genuine negotiation.”

“That agreement completed the current round of major public sector health enterprise bargaining agreements except for the ambulance EBA.”

“The ambulance union has not made constructive alternative proposals as negotiations have proceeded, and instead continues to press its 30 % pay claim.”

“Ambulance Victoria proposed on 21 March this year that the parties participate in voluntary conciliation before an agreed member of the Fair Work Commission as an independent chair.”

“It’s now time for the ambulance union to accept this offer of voluntary conciliation and come to the table.” Mr. Davis said.


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