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Victoria Shadow Minister for Health David Davis

Brumby’s Ambulance Admission A Cynical Sham

Victor P Taffa

Victoria Premier John Brumby’s arrogant refusal to meet with the victims of his Ambulance failures shows his belated admission that Rural Ambulance Services are not up to scratch is a cynical election-eve sham.

“John Brumby’s claim that he will finally do something to fix the Ambulance Shambles cannot be believed.” Shadow Health Minister David Davis said today.

“Yesterday in Maryborough John Brumby refused to meet with Marlene Gouge, whose husband Dick died after waiting 38 minutes for an Ambulance despite living only 150 Metres from an Ambulance Station.”




“John Brumby cannot even be honest with those whose lives have been ripped apart because of his Ambulance failures.”

“John Brumby certainly cannot be honest with Victorians about his failure to fix Ambulance Services.” Mr. Davis said.

In 1999, John Brumby promised to fix the Health System in Victoria and to pay attention to the basics, pledging a ten-minute response times for code one emergencies, another promise he has not kept.

Labor has never met its statewide ambulance response time targets, despite diluting or watering down the target for code one emergencies.

“The merger of Rural and Metropolitan Ambulance Services has been a disaster and John Brumby must come clean on true financial position of Ambulance Victoria.” Mr. Davis said.

The Upper House last sitting week passed a motion asking the Auditor-General to consider an audit of Ambulance Victoria and find out what has gone so terribly wrong.

“After 11 years of Labor failure, John Brumby cannot be believed on Ambulances.” Mr. Davis said.


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