AMA Victoria Supports Coalition Plan

AMA Victoria Supports Coalition Plan

AMA Victoria President Dr. Harry Hemley

Doctors Welcome Opposition’s Commitment On Beds

Victor P Taffa

AMA Victoria today welcomed the Victorian Liberal/National Coalition’s commitment to fund an additional 800 public hospital beds in its first term if elected on 27 November. Additional beds are sorely needed to improve patients’ access to timely Public Hospital Care.

AMA Victoria President Dr Harry Hemley said a current shortage of Public Hospital Beds meant patients faced long waits for Elective Surgery and Emergency Care.

“One of the key contributors to these long waits is a shortage of beds to care for patients after their elective surgery or while they receive treatment.” Dr. Hemley said.

“We asked the next Victorian Government to commit to increasing our Public Hospital capacity by at least 187 beds a year just to maintain the current levels of service. The Coalition’s $800 Million Beds Commitment would substantially reduce the pressure on our Public Hospitals.”

“I’m also pleased the Coalition has committed to developing a long term plan for the growth of our health system within 150 days if elected on 27 November.” Dr. Hemley said.

In the 2009-10 financial year, more than 120 000 patients waited too long in Emergency Departments (triage categories 1-3 only) and over a quarter of a million patients either missed out on a bed within eight hours or were not discharged from emergency departments within four hours (the clinical benchmarks).

“The Brumby Government has been funding new beds over the last two years to catch up on the relative decline over the previous seven years, but we need more beds to serve Victoria’s Growing Population.”

Dr. Hemley said the Labor Party’s $1.5 Billion Health Announcement earlier this week did not include a substantial investment in beds.

“I expect the Brumby Government will announce a similar beds package before the 27 November Election.” Dr. Hemley said.

“All public hospital patients should be seen within the clinically appropriate times. Failure to treat patients within a clinically appropriate time increases the chances of poor outcomes.”

“With enough beds in our public hospitals, and a plan to deal with future growth, our doctors and nurses will be able to treat a growing number of Victorians in the clinically recommended times.” Dr. Hemley said.

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