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Queensland Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney

Queensland Minister for State Development Jeff Seeney

Queensland Minister for Infrastructure Jeff Seeney

Queensland Minister for Planning Jeff Seeney

Alpha Coal – Federal-State Meeting

Victor P Taffa

Talks today between Queensland and Commonwealth Ministers regarding the bilateral environmental approvals process for the Alpha Coal project have been productive.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell and Queensland Coordinator-General Barry Broe met Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke and senior federal Environment Department officials.

Queensland today provided a detailed response to the Federal Environment Minister on matters he has raised over the past week in relation to the Alpha Coal project’s conditional approval.

It was also agreed that there was a different understanding and interpretation of the current bilateral environmental approval process between the parties.

There is a joint commitment to the future of the bilateral agreement and Queensland will respond within the next ten days to the Commonwealth’s notice that it may suspend the bilateral approvals process.

It was agreed both parties would work to find a way forward on the bilateral process within that period.

The State and Federal Ministers will produce possible amendments to the agreement and exchange those amendments for consideration with the aim of providing a stronger, clearer agreement which provided more certainty to project proponents, the State and Commonwealth in the process.

It was also agreed the Commonwealth would follow up directly with the Alpha Coal proponent on matters it wanted clarified.

Queensland continues to have full confidence in the conditional approval provided for the Alpha Coal project in the Galilee Basin by the State Coordinator-General.

Queensland is committed to streamlining the approvals processes while ensuring the highest environmental standards are maintained and proponents of major projects adhere to world’s best practice as they proceed with resource developments.


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