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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff

Minister’s Cruel Plan To Make Tasmanians Choose Health Services To Do ‘Without’

Victor P Taffa

Health is an essential service which the Government has an obligation to deliver.

For Health Minister Michelle O’Byrne to ask Tasmanians to identify which health services they can do without is heartless, cruel and represents a dereliction of duty by this Minister, Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff said.

“Just five years ago the Government spent $1,082,492 asking Tasmanians what they did want for health in Tasmania*.”

“Now because it has wrecked the budget, it is ignoring that 20 year plan and will repeat the process to ask Tasmanians what they are prepared to do without.” Mr. Rockliff said.


“When will Michelle O’Byrne realize that the only part of the Health system Tasmanians are prepared to do without, is her.”

“In contrast the Liberals value frontline health services. Our Roadmap to Recovery and Growth invests an additional $76 Million in elective surgery which equates to up to 15,000 more surgeries.” Mr. Rockliff said.

*Answer to Question on Notice, costs of the Tasmanian Health Plan


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