All Hands To The Wheel For Gascoyne Flood Victims

All Hands To The Wheel For Gascoyne Flood Victims

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

Local Members To Help State Government Assist Flooded Communities

Victor P Taffa

Premier Colin Barnett has asked the local members of State Parliament Ken Baston and Vince Catania to lead the Government’s response to the devastating floods in the Gascoyne Region.

“The State Government is undertaking every effort to help the local communities recover from this natural disaster.” Premier Barnett said.

“I’ve asked the Region’s Local Members of Parliament, Ken Baston and Vince Catania, to assist the Government in identifying the community’s needs and priorities during the recovery phase.”

“Ken Baston will liaise predominantly with Local Government, while Vince Catania will engage with the Community, Local Businesses and Growers.”


“I believe this will ensure the Government is made fully aware of all of the community’s needs.”

On Monday, the Premier travelled to the area to see firsthand the damage caused in the region.

Premier Barnett spoke with locals, tourists, the Local Shire and Emergency Services on the ground.

“I was impressed with the tremendous spirit the local people showed in challenging circumstances.” Premier Barnett said.

“All West Australians have been shocked by the devastation caused by flooding in the Gascoyne, Murchison and parts of the Pilbara Region.”

“I would like to reaffirm my commitment to assist the community to get back on its feet as quickly as possible.”

A Natural Disaster Zone has been declared in Carnarvon and those affected areas in the Gascoyne, Murchison and Pilbara Regions for the purposes of the Western Australian Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (WANDRRA).

This has the effect of marshalling the State’s emergency response resources to address the immediate crisis and support the recovery effort.

“The State Government will provide financial assistance and support to help those people who have been affected.” Premier Barnett said.

“I will undertake whatever action is necessary to ensure there is no delay in this support being made available.” Premier Barnett said.

In addition, Peter Conran, Director General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, will travel to Carnarvon tomorrow to assess the region’s needs and oversee the Government’s recovery response.