All Crime Has Been Solved As Top Cop Moves Out Of Palmerston

All Crime Has Been Solved As Top Cop Moves Out Of Palmerston

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Construction Ross Bohlin

Cop That Palmerston

Victor P Taffa

Shadow Minister for Construction and Member for Drysdale Ross Bohlin said he is disappointed the superintendent of the Palmerston Police Region has been relocated to Darwin.

“Chief Minister owes the Palmerston community an explanation.” Mr. Bohlin said.

“Palmerston is a city in its own right and it should have its own superintendent based with the officers at Palmerston Station not disconnected from his community.”

“Leadership comes from the top and having a Station Chief based in Palmerston who reports directly to the Police Commissioner will ensure the city’s issues are placed on the agenda.” Mr. Bohlin said.

“This is another example of the Northern Government’s abandonment of the Territory outside Darwin.”

“I’m also concerned to hear other Police will be, or have been, removed from Palmerston and relocated to other parts of the Territory.” Mr. Bohlin said.

“I call on Chief Minister Paul Henderson to explain what is behind this retrograde decision and to clarify whether further relocations are scheduled.”

“I call on the Government to immediately have the Palmerston superintendent returned to Palmerston, where he can give direct support to his community.” Mr. Bohlin said.