Alice Springs On Remote Control

Alice Springs On Remote Control

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan

Closed Circus Television

Victor P Taffa

Monitoring of Closed Circuit Television pictures will no longer be carried out in Alice Springs from this week, with responsibility being shifted 1,500 km north to Darwin, Shadow Minister for Central Australia Matt Conlan said today.

Mr. Conlan said the Henderson Government’s centralisation agenda in Alice Springs was out of control, with decisions being made to cut costs rather than improve outcomes in the Town.

“It’s folly to assume CCTV can be monitored more effectively in Darwin than in Alice Springs.” Mr. Conlan said.

“It’s the equivalent of Police in Sydney monitoring the streets of Melbourne.”

“When looking at an image, it’s important to know what that image represents, which is best achieved through local knowledge.” Mr. Conlan said.

“I understand there will be a delay in CCTV images reaching Darwin during the transmission phase, which is also a concern.”

“The Chief Minister is deluding himself if he thinks this retrograde step will do anything to stop the current crime wave in the Town.”

“Rather than taking services out of Alice Springs, the Government should be recruiting an additional 20 Police to beef up enforcement capacity.”

“It’s a continuation of Labor’s Plan to centralise Alice Springs’ services in Darwin.” Mr. Conlan said.

“In addition to CCTV, the Police Media Position is heading to Darwin, as well as two Senior Police Officers with years of experience in Policing Alice Springs.”

“The Ombudsman’s Office has been closed, as well as the local office of the Commissioner for Public Employment.”

“Paul Henderson is the ring-master in a relocation circus. He needs to explain to Alice Springs residents how these changes will benefit them.” Mr. Conlan said.

Given the Standard of Public Administration by the Henderson Government there will have to be an attitudinal change by everyone as the difference between Administering a Territory and being a Chief Minister to one of being a State and being a State Premier requires a very different more serious approach to Government.