Alice Springs Crime Wave Must End

Alice Springs Crime Wave Must End

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Child Protection Robyn Lambley

Crime Wave Hits Alice Springs

Victor P Taffa

The electorate of Araluen has borne the brunt of the recent Alice Springs crime wave.

Local Member, Robyn Lambley, said in the past week there have been two murders, several serious assaults and numerous domestic violence incidences in the Araluen electorate.

Ms. Lambley said there must be a serious and immediate response by Government and Police to the crisis.

“Instead of short term Police operations, we require a sustained and prolonged attack to keep crime under control.” Ms. Lambley said.

“During Operation Thresher, which ran between December and February, there was a reported impact on levels of crime.”

“Anecdotally, I was told by residents that levels of break-ins and property crime were lower than normal.” Ms. Lambley said.

“With the additional Police presence in the town as part of Thresher withdrawn, we are witnessing a dramatic increase in serious crime.”

“The Government must adopt the Country Liberals policy and place an additional 20 Police on the beat in the town.”

“The Government must also acknowledge that its alcohol bans have failed the people of Alice Springs.” Ms. Lambley said.

“Reduced trading hours and electronic ID checks has been a complete and utter failure in stemming alcohol related crime.”

“In fact it appears to have made it worse.” Ms. Lambley said.

“Families and seniors in suburbs such as Gillen and The Gap are now bearing the cost of Labor’s failed policies.”

“The average Alice Springs resident is now the victim of multiple home invasions and thefts by problem drinkers looking for grog.”

“This is another Labor Party policy that has shifted the problem elsewhere.” Ms. Lambley said.