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Victor P Taffa

Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese is more concerned about his own political survival in his seat of Grayndler than building High Speed Rail.

Mr. Albanese is trying to fend off a strong challenge from The Greens who came close to defeating him at the 2010 Federal Election.

The latest argument against High Speed Rail comes from Mr. Albanese in an article from The Daily Telegraph on 5 March 2013 entitled Noise Derails Fast Train: Minister.

The Minister has raised the argument of excessive noise coming from High Speed Trains to the tune of 100 decibels.

The Minister has effectively canned the idea of building High Speed Rail.

Mr. Albanese is a touch hypocritical on the issue of noise from trains. The Southern Sydney Freight Line (SSFL) that was built by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) which is a Federal Government instrumentality refused to install noise barriers at Casula along the route of the SSFL where homes back onto the railway line.

In other parts of the Sydney Rail Network such as Cronulla and Macdonaldtown noise barriers were placed after residents complained vigorously and local State Members of Parliament listened to them.

Mr. Albanese has ignored the concerns of residents of Casula time and again on the noise issue. The noise issue should have been considered from the very outset and noise barriers installed.

Now with a Federal Election looming Mr. Albanese is trying to stop High Speed Rail and again ignore building noise barriers.

High Speed Rail is too important to the National good to be side-tracked from such a hypocritical stance by the Minister.

High Speed Rail is a win for Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. Noise barriers should be installed as a matter of course and the small minded Minister should listen to what people want.

High Speed Rail will avoid the need to build a second Sydney Airport and give all Australians a new means of moving throughout the world’s largest island continent easily.

High Speed Rail provides competition for the airlines and coach companies and Federal Governments are duty bound to provide choice of mode of transport for all Australians.  


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