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Western Australia Minister for Agriculture and Food Terry Redman

Top Grain Farmers’ Secrets To Profitability

Victor P Taffa

  • Survey reveals success strategies of top 25 growers

A survey of the State’s top grain growers has revealed the strategies which can be adopted to increase the profitability of other growers across the grain growing sector.

The survey, which was part of the Department of Agriculture and Food’s Bridging the Yield Gap (BYG) project, looked at what made the State’s top 25 grain growers in high and medium rainfall areas more successful.

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman said using Planfarm clients, the survey provided a profile of the business behaviours that had made the top 25 growers consistently successful.


“During the past six seasons, these growers accumulated $1.75 Million more wealth than the average grower. The highly profitable farmers didn’t have bigger farms, better soils, more rainfall or less debt than other growers, but they were significantly more profitable.” Mr. Redman said.

“What set them apart was uncompromising commitment to focus on the key drivers of profit, preparedness, the ability to make decisions outside of highly stressful times, a great deal of attention to detail and a very positive attitude about the future of agriculture.”

“Top growers also tended to be profit focused and remained flexible to take advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves.”

The Minister said the BYG project would use the information to help growers build networks to drive the profitability of their business, with the support of their peers and industry specialists.

The department’s Bridging the Yield Gap project aims to assist growers improve the profitability of their grain growing businesses.

Fact File

  • Bridging the Yield Gap project aims to increase yields in medium-high rainfall areas
  • In past six seasons, State’s top 25 grain growers were 74 % more profitable than average grower

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