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Employers Simply Trash A Persons Experience

Victor P Taffa

Ageism is rampant throughout Australia as employers simply trash a person’s experience that would seem counts for nought.


Time after time and interview after interview a person of mature years fails to secure employment. Editor Victor P Taffa has just turned 48 years and is consistently knocked back for employment.

Questions such as “How would you go working with a person aged 18-20 years old?” or comments such as “We prefer experience that is more recent” shows ageism is rampant amongst employers.

When one can secure casual or seasonal work far more easily but run into brick walls such as ageism when applying for a full-time position really indicates the appalling manner in which prospective employees are treated.

During his 20’s and 30’s Editor Victor P Taffa managed to find employment without a problem. Once into his mid 30’s and beyond the employment picture changed. This was no different when reapplying to companies that he had previously worked for. These same companies that worked him to the bone in his earlier years now did not want to know about him. To put it in another way “They spit you up and chew you out”

Certainly don’t dare to mention that you had to leave a job through illness because you most definitely would stand no chance of getting the job.

Nominating companies who have discriminated against Editor Victor P Taffa in interviews or before the interview stage either stands no real purpose or will ensure further that Victor P Taffa will be left to wallow on the pittance Newstart Allowance with Centrelink. Victor P Taffa attends interviews in business attire and is always punctual.

The question then becomes Is the policies of the Gillard Labor Government contributing to the situation or does this situation go back to the policies of the Whitlam Labor Government with the destruction of Tariff Walls?

Is the economic environment conducive to employing people? Victor P Taffa is not the only person looking for work.

The Gillard Government expects everyone to go to University. The Gillard Government turns their noses up at the TAFE System and anyone who works in Retailing is thought by many to work at the bottom of the barrel.

Are the Free Trade Agreements that Australia signs up to doing anything to employ Australians? Are Australian Companies being put first by the Gillard or previous Federal Governments? The answer to these questions is that it would seem not.

Selling out Australian Industry and land to overseas interests has nothing to do with some sought of phobia but simply wanting to put the Country where you were born first. When you can’t get a job and countless brick walls are thrown up in your face one wonders just who is running the Country in our interest?

Politicians of all political persuasions elected to Canberra are there to ensure that the Country that they found will be better off when they leave office than when they arrived. As it stands now that is not the case.

Editor Victor P Taffa can be contacted on 0416 134 650.


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