Adelaide Trams And Trains To Be Privatised

Adelaide Trams And Trains To Be Privatised

South Australia Minister for Transport Stephan Knoll

Proven Model To Deliver Better Services And Patronage Growth

Victor P Taffa

Outsourcing of the provision of public transport services is a tried and proven model that delivers better services and drives patronage growth.

Public transport patronage growth has occurred across many jurisdictions following the outsourcing of services.

This includes Adelaide’s own Adelaide Metro bus network after services were outsourced around 20 years ago.

In the past 20 years many European cities have transitioned to outsourced operations, as well as Auckland and Melbourne.

If we are going to provide better and more customer focussed public transport services, we need to keep pace with other jurisdictions and benefit from their learnings.

Patronage Growth In Trip Terms And Percentage

Location                     Number Of Trips      Percentage     Time Period

Adelaide (bus)             7.2 Million                   15%                 9 years (from 2001/02)

Melbourne (rail)          110 Million                  85%                 15 years (from 1999)

Perth (bus)                   37 Million                    79%                 15 years (from late 1990’s)

Auckland (rail)            18.2 Million                 562%               15 years (from 2004)

“Outsourcing of public transport services is a tried and proven model that leads to better services and increased patronage,” Minister for Transport Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“We know that outsourcing of operations is increasingly a preferred business model for delivery of public transport services around the world.” Minister Knoll said.

“Outsourcing of services has led to better services and more people choosing to use public transport in various jurisdictions across the country and around the world.”

“In Adelaide we saw strong patronage growth on our bus network for almost a decade after services were outsourced.”

“We expect similar results for our train and tram network under the new model a better service that encourages more people to hop on a train or tram.” Minister Knoll said.

“We are seeking to capitalise on the expertise, innovation and resources that global experts will bring to the table to provide better services for public transport users.”

“This will also enable us to deliver more efficient services, so we can reinvest back into the network to provide better services.”

“State Government can also guarantee maintaining the same service frequency levels and standards and strongly expects an increase in service levels once this model is fully implemented.” Minister Knoll said.

“We will still own and control the assets, control fare prices and set service level requirements in the same way we do for Adelaide Metro buses.”