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South Australia Minister for Sport Corey Wingard

Do We Want The Commonwealth Games?

Victor P Taffa

Marshall Government has officially launched a feasibility study into the prospect of Adelaide hosting the Commonwealth Games.

Feasibility study will address potential economic gains, population growth, job creation and social benefits which could arise, but will also assess the risks associated with such an event.

Adelaide 2026 Commonwealth Games have the potential to raise South Australia’s international profile among the 2.3 Billion people who reside throughout the 53 Commonwealth states.

Study officially moves Adelaide from the ‘Dialogue Phase’ to the ‘Feasibility Phase’ in line with Commonwealth Games Federation guidelines.


Minister for Sport Corey Wingard said the Commonwealth Games Community had made it clear there was great interest in Adelaide becoming a host city for the Games, but work needs to be done to see if the Games were right for Adelaide.

“We have an ingrained sporting culture, easy access to high-class facilities and the most welcoming people in the nation.” Minister Wingard said.

“State Government remains firm in our commitment to provide strong and responsible economic leadership for all South Australians.”

“That is why a thorough assessment must be completed and the Marshall Government will only sign on as a Candidate City if hosting the Games will provide an economic boost and create legacy projects which will benefit our state into the long-term future.”

Feasibility study, to be compiled by the Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing, is expected to be completed later this year.

Marshall Government will then use the advice to decide whether to progress from the ‘Feasibility Phase’ to be a ‘Candidate City’ for the 2026 games.

Office for Recreation Sport and Racing Chief Executive Kylie Taylor said that such events have the power to inspire a new generation of South Australian athletes.

“Legacy of a Commonwealth games can extend well into the future for up and coming athletes while the current stars have extra motivation to compete on home soil.” Ms. Taylor said.

Commonwealth Games Federation President Ben Houston said Adelaide had a very strong case to host the Games.

“In announcing their decision to the commission today, South Australia has a head start.” Mr. Houston said.

“We will continue working with the states and cities interested in hosting the Games in Australia before any decision is made on who a preferred candidate and final bidder will be.”

Commonwealth Games Federation is expected to announce the host of the 2026 games in May 2020.

While the feasibility study will be considered in the context of 2026, it will also give insight into potential bids for the 2030 and 2034 games.


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