Additional Properties Protected With Roma Flood Mitigation Project Approval

Additional Properties Protected With Roma Flood Mitigation Project Approval

Queensland Acting Premier Jackie Trad

Community Safety At The Heart Of Stage 2 Roma Flood Mitigation Project Approval

Victor P Taffa

More properties in Roma will be better protected from flooding with approval granted for Stage 2 of the Roma Flood Mitigation Project.

Acting Premier and Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning Jackie Trad approved the development application following a comprehensive reassessment.

Acting Premier Trad called in the development application on 24 October following requests from Maranoa Regional Council.

“In the end, community safety was at the centre of the final decision, with paramount importance placed on the protection of lives.” Acting Premier Trad said.

“The Maranoa Regional Council recognises that Stage 2 of the development will have a positive effect on the Roma community in minimising the repeated impact of flooding.

“This is a lifesaving measure and will mean the flood levee will protect around 30 additional properties from above floor flooding.”

Acting Premier Trad said her department did a thorough and detailed reassessment of the application which included consultation with council and members of the community for further advice and comment before a final decision was made.

“This information included specialist reports and detailed design plans which helped inform the department’s reassessment and recommendations and subsequently my decision to proceed with the development. Department officers also met with affected residents.” Acting Premier Trad said.

“It’s important that construction commences as soon as possible and the call in process has allowed for this to happen.”

Stage 1 has already been completed by council and this has reduced the above floor flood risk for about 490 properties.

Once implemented, Stage 2 will mean at least approximately 30 additional properties will be protected from above floor flooding in extreme events.

Approved development application has a number of conditions attached to ensure the levee is constructed, operated and maintained adequately, which include:

  • Requirement for a disaster management response plan
  • Preparation of an operations and maintenance manual, including annual inspections both during and after flood events
  • An erosion and sediment control plan, including regular inspections to ensure adequate measures are in place
  • Controls to minimise lighting and noise disruption to residents as well as restrictions on hours of construction
  • A construction management plan focusing on minimising waste management, rectifying any damage to properties and mitigating nuisance to adjoining properties
  • A measure to prevent materials for construction and maintenance being stockpiled on any property without prior consent to affected landholders.

Maranoa Regional Council is now required to negotiate with affected land owners to ensure appropriate access to land.