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Victoria Minister for Education Martin Dixon

Extra Support For Students With Disabilities

Victor P Taffa

Education Minister Martin Dixon today announced all Victorian Government schools will receive a share in $37.2 Million of additional funding under the More Support for Students with Disabilities program.

From next month, all Government schools and students with disabilities will benefit from the one-off grant under a National Partnership between the State Government and the Commonwealth.

Mr. Dixon said the funding built on the Victorian Coalition Government’s significant commitment to supporting students with a disability.

“Since coming to office this Government has invested more than $170 Million of additional funding into the program for students with a disability and transport for these students, and made the largest single investment in capital works in special and autistic schools in more than a decade.” Mr. Dixon said.

“This additional $37.2 Million will be invested in programs we have designed to increase the capacity of mainstream schools to ensure families have real choice in education for students with a disability.”

“Schools will use this new funding in ways that best suit the needs of their students with disabilities.” Mr. Dixon said.

Mr. Dixon said the Victorian Government had given principals, in partnership with their parent communities, the freedom to make decisions that suit their school communities and the needs of their students.

Mr. Dixon said schools may choose to use the funding to:

  • Purchase additional specialist technology and software, including real time captioning for students who are deaf or vision-impaired;
  • Provide extra teacher training on supporting students with disabilities;
  • Enhance support for students with disabilities starting primary or secondary school; or
  • Increase curriculum support for teachers.

A trial project to provide Autism Inclusion Support Co-ordinators in 15 schools across the state will also be funded, and a suite of online learning modules will be developed for teachers.

These will cover:

  • Supporting students with learning difficulties and dyslexia;
  • Autism;
  • The Disability Discrimination Act and Education Standards;
  • Speech, Language and Communication disabilities.

Schools will also be able to access direct support for students and teachers from disability agencies including Down’s syndrome Victoria and Autism Victoria.


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