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Western Australia Acting Minister for Police and Road Safety John Day

Record 1.5 Million Breath Tests Last Year

Victor P Taffa

  • WA Police conducted a record 1,516,448 breath tests in 2012-13
  • Statistics reveal increased likelihood of WA drivers being breath tested
  • Increased Police enforcement of drink driving leads to improved road safety

WA Police conducted a record 1.5 Million breath tests in the last financial year as a key measure to reduce drink driving and boost road safety.

Acting Police and Road Safety Minister John Day said the record number of tests for drink drivers followed a $4 Million boost to the WA Police (WAPOL) budget.

Mr. Day said the Government allocated extra funding in 2012-13 to WAPOL from the Road Trauma Trust Account to provide 20 extra Police officers, as well as additional Policing hours to significantly expand breath testing operations.


Mr. Day said the funding boost allowed WAPOL to conduct 1,516,448 tests last year, significantly exceeding the 2012-13 target of One Million breath tests, and the 2011-12 figure of 892,751.

“These statistics show it is increasingly likely that motorists will get stopped by Police and breath tested.” Mr. Day said.

“Every Police vehicle is in effect a booze bus and this means the chances of getting away with drink driving are getting slimmer by the day.”

Mr. Day said of the 1.5 Million tests conducted, 14,238 drivers exceeded the lawful alcohol limit, compared to 19,288 in 2007-08.

“This is an encouraging downwards trend and one that indicates to me that the message about drink driving is finally getting through to the public.” Mr. Day said.

“However, in order to ensure this trend continues, it is critical we remain vigilant on our roads and that WA Police maintain high levels of enforcement.”

Fact File

  • The Liberal National Government introduced tough laws last year to give Police the power to immediately suspend the licence of drivers caught with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or more
  • The Liberal National Government provided $3.78 Million to WA Police to update 48 Police vehicles with technology to check about 1,000 vehicle number plates per hour

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