ACT Electoral Commission Appoints Philip Moss As Part-Time Member

ACT Electoral Commission Appoints Philip Moss As Part-Time Member

Acting ACT Electoral Commissioner

Philip Moss Appointed As Part-Time Member Of The ACT Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

Mr. Philip Moss AM has been appointed by the Speaker Joy Burch MLA, on behalf of the Territory, as the part-time Member of the ACT Electoral Commission, with effect from 7 June 2017, Acting ACT Electoral Commissioner, Ro Spence said today.

Mr. Moss’ term of appointment is until 6 June 2022.

“Mr. Moss has been appointed to fill the vacancy in the Commission following the appointment as Chairperson of Ms. Dawn Casey who had previously occupied the Member role.” Mr. Spence said.

Mr. Moss has previously served as the Integrity Commissioner and Head of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity and has a wealth of experience heading independent government investigations and reviews.

ACT Electoral Commission is an independent statutory authority comprising a Chairperson, the Electoral Commissioner and a part-time Member, with responsibility for the conduct of elections and referendums for the ACT Legislative Assembly, the determination of electoral boundaries for the ACT, and the provision of electoral advice and service.

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