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Polling Day 20 October 2012

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

ACT Election Preliminary Result

The ACT election held on Saturday 20 October 2012 has resulted in yet another Hung Parliament.

There are 3 electorates in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) with multi members contesting each seat. The ACT Legislative Assembly has 17 seats.

The Gallagher Labor Government has held onto all of its seats while the Greens have lost two seats. The Biggest winner has been the Liberal Party.

When Parliament is recalled a vote of members of the Legislative Assembly will take place to determine who will become the Chief Minister of the ACT.

Makeup Of Legislative Assembly

Party                     OLD   NEW

Labor                          7          7

Liberal                        6          8

Greens                        4          2

Total Seats   17        17


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