ACT Election Preliminary Result Molonglo Electorate

ACT Election Preliminary Result Molonglo Electorate

Polling Day 20 October 2012

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

The Australian Capital Territory Electoral Commission has released Preliminary Results for the Molonglo Electorate in the ACT Elections held on Saturday 20 October 2012.

Results For Molonglo Electorate
ACT LaborSwing: 4.9%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
BARR, Andrew3,1384.40.3
CORBELL, Simon1,4982.10.2
DRAKE, Angie1,1271.60.1
FITZHARRIS, Meegan2,0882.90.2
GALLAGHER, Katy19,05326.52.1
KULASINGHAM, Mark1,4262.00.2
MATHEWS, David1,0771.50.1
Group Total29,40741.03.3
Australian Motorist PartySwing: -0.6%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
CUMBERS, David8051.10.1
CURRAN, Mark7931.10.1
Group Total1,5982.20.2
Bullet Train for CanberraSwing: 4.6%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
BOHM, Tim1,7902.50.2
DICKERSON, Shelley1,5002.10.2
Group Total3,2904.60.4
Canberra LiberalsSwing: 4.5%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
DOSZPOT, Steve3,8805.40.4
GORDON, Murray1,2441.70.1
HANSON, Jeremy7,52210.50.8
JONES, Giulia4,5876.40.5
LEE, Elizabeth3,3744.70.4
MILLIGAN, James2,3043.20.3
SEFTON, Tom2,9154.10.3
Group Total25,82636.02.9
Liberal Democratic PartySwing: 0.4%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
GARDNER, Ian4910.70.1
JHA, Trisha4080.60.0
Group Total8991.30.1
The ACT GreensSwing: -4.4%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
KERLIN, Alan9261.30.1
LE COUTEUR, Caroline3,7885.30.4
RATTENBURY, Shane4,0965.70.5
SIDDLE, Adriana1,1201.60.1
Group Total9,93013.81.1
UngroupedSwing: -9.3%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
BIGGS, Stuart3470.50.0
POCOCK, Philip4950.70.1
Group Total8421.20.1
Formal Votes71,79297.0 
Informal Votes2,1953.0 
Total Votes73,98768.4 
Electorate Enrolment108,194  
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