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Polling Day 20 October 2012

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

The Australian Capital Territory Electoral Commission has released Preliminary Results for the Brindabella Electorate in the ACT Elections held on Saturday 20 October 2012.

Results For Brindabella Electorate
ACT LaborSwing: -0.5%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
BURCH, Joy7,74014.30.9
CODY, Rebecca3,0025.50.3
GENTLEMAN, Mick4,4518.20.5
KINNIBURGH, Mike1,6613.10.2
MAFTOUM, Karl2,6194.80.3
Group Total19,47336.02.2
Australian Motorist PartySwing: -3.0%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
DOBLE, Burl1,3472.50.1
JONES-ELLIS, Kieran8401.60.1
Group Total2,1874.00.2
Bullet Train for CanberraSwing: 3.8%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
ERWOOD, Mark1,0712.00.1
HENSCHKE, Adam9951.80.1
Group Total2,0663.80.2
Canberra LiberalsSwing: 10.4%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
JEFFERY, Val1,9973.70.2
LAWDER, Nicole1,8223.40.2
SESELJA, Zed15,53228.71.7
SMYTH, Brendan3,2716.00.4
WALL, Andrew2,1133.90.2
Group Total24,73545.72.7
The ACT GreensSwing: -5.5%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
BRESNAN, Amanda3,1025.70.3
DAVIS, Johnathan7311.40.1
MURPHY, Ben5721.10.1
Group Total4,4058.10.5
UngroupedSwing: -5.2%
Candidate NameVotesPercentQuota
GIBBONS, Mark2880.50.0
LINDFIELD, Michael6481.20.1
PEARCE, Calvin3380.60.0
Group Total1,2742.40.1
Formal Votes54,14096.0
Informal Votes2,2394.0
Total Votes56,37977.9
Electorate Enrolment72,368
Last Updated:21/10/2012 1:57:21 PM

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