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Western Australia Minister for Mental Health Graham Jacobs

New Partnership In Suicide Prevention

Victor P Taffa

Mental Health Minister Graham Jacobs announced today that Centrecare Inc was the preferred non-government organisation to implement the $13 Million ‘Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2009-2013’.

“About 2,000 Australians die from suicide every year. For every person who dies in this way, there are at least another 30 people who attempt suicide.” Dr. Jacobs said.

In Australia over the last 20 years, there have been more deaths from suicide than fatalities on our roads.”

“That means suicide is everybody’s business; family and friends of the person who has died experience great sadness and grief, and as a community we share their pain and have a role to play in preventing this loss of life.”

“The Liberal-National Government and the Mental Health Commission believe that any life lost to suicide is a tragedy.”


“The State Government has committed $13 Million for the ‘Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2009-2013.”

“I am pleased to announce that, following the Expression of Interest process, Centrecare has been chosen to support the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention to implement this important strategy.” Dr. Jacobs said.

“Centrecare is one of Western Australia’s most well-established, professional and innovative providers of specialist social services.  It is a not-for-profit organisation which delivers a wide range of quality services across WA.”

“Centrecare have demonstrated a clear understanding of the strategy, a strong community focus and excellent organisational structures.” Dr. Jacobs said.

The Minister said that Centrecare and the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention would work in close partnership with each other and the WA community to implement the strategy.

“The council will identify priority areas across the State to effectively target Suicide Prevention Strategies.” Dr. Jacobs said.

“The council will oversee initiatives to improve community strength and resilience, expand community knowledge of suicide and support capacity building in communities at increased risk.”

“Centrecare will be funded from reconfiguring current resources held by the Mental Health Commission.” Dr. Jacobs said.

Centrecare’s director, Tony Pietropiccolo, said the organisation was strongly committed to suicide prevention.

“I am very excited about Centrecare’s involvement in the implementation of the WA Suicide Prevention Strategy.” Mr. Pietropiccolo said.

“Centrecare will work collaboratively across the State and engage community members to ensure that together we can make a real difference and achieves the Strategy’s aims.”

For crisis support phone:

  • Mental Health Emergency Response line – 1300 555 788 (Metro) or 1800 676 822 (Peel)
  • RuralLink – 1800 552 002
  • Lifeline – 13 11 14.

Editor Victor P Taffa suffers from Bipolar Disorder. 7 weeks in Hospital seems a long time however the New South Wales Government does not fund Mental Health adequately enough. Appropriate medication ensures that I can live a normal life. Having Bipolar Disorder should not bar a person from becoming a Member of Parliament.

Not every person who suffers from Depression commits Suicide. There is no evidence to suggest that Editor Victor P Taffa has ever attempted harm to himself or others.

It actually takes a lot of guts to actually take your own life. Sadly those who do take their own life often have different sorts of mental illness and feel unable to call out for help.

Society has stigma attached to mental illness and there is a long way to go before a broken head is treated as if it were a broken arm or leg. Often because of the stigma you do not want to accept that you have a mental illness.

To put into perspective what Victor P Taffa experiences compared to someone who does not have Bipolar Disorder is often he will have a lot of energy to achieve a lot in one day and then sometimes simply feels down. These levels of energy for people without Bipolar Disorder do not occur.


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