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Western Australia Minister for Training and Workforce Development Peter Collier

New Centre To Help Aboriginal Jobseekers

Victor P Taffa

Support for Aboriginal job seekers will be boosted, following today’s launch of a new Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre the first of its kind in Western Australia.

Western Australia Minister for Training and Workforce Development Peter Collier said the centre would play a vital role ensuring indigenous people’s participation in the workforce became part of the State’s overall skills and labour supply needs.

“The centre will provide policy advice and develop state-wide initiatives to remove barriers to Aboriginal participation in the workforce while improving their transition into sustainable employment.” the Minister said.

“It will be located in Murray Street, in Perth’s Central Business District, and be responsible for all aspects of Aboriginal workforce development.”


“Staff will work with major companies to identify job opportunities and future skills requirements across the State, and put employers and individual Aboriginal job-seekers in touch with each other.”

Mr. Collier said the creation of the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre was the first response to recommendations from the ‘Training together-working together’ committee.

“Co-chaired by Dr Sue Gordon and State Training Board chair Keith Spence, the committee leads the State Government’s initiative to boost the participation of Aboriginal people in skilled employment.” the Minister said.

In June, Mr Collier will host a summit in response to extensive state-wide consultations between the Training together-working together committee, industry and community representatives and stakeholders.

“Despite the continued demand for skills and labour in our State, Aboriginal people are disproportionately under-represented in the workforce.” Mr. Collier said.

“Training together-working together is about providing access to life opportunities and a standard of living that comes with quality training and sustainable work.”

“Boosting participation rates of Aboriginal people in a ‘skilled’ labour market will require collaboration and partnerships with Aboriginal communities, industry, employers, training providers and Government.”

“WA is on the cusp of strong economic growth and it is important to plan with Aboriginal people so they gain substantially from the economic benefits that we want all Western Australians to enjoy.” Mr. Collier said.


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