Ability Lies In All People

Ability Lies In All People

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Human Services Jacquie Petrusma

International Day For People With Disabilities

Victor P Taffa

The State Opposition today calls on all Tasmanians to celebrate and recognise the lives of people living with a disability, and the important role they play in our community.

“The day is an important annual occasion for all Tasmanians, not only to take time out to celebrate and reflect on the abilities of people living with a disability, but also, how we can work to make their lives better or easier.” Jacquie Petrusma Shadow Minister for Human Services said today.

International Day for People with Disabilities is a day on which to note the importance of international human rights and conventions, which are two instruments used to protect both the rights and dignity of people living with disabilities throughout the world, and here in Tasmania.


Australia is signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, where we are required to promote, protect and ensure the full enjoyment of human rights by people living with a disability.

These rights include respect, non-discrimination, equality, accessibility and freedom to make choices.

Living with a disability should not have to be a constant struggle to achieve basic care needs, including support and equipment. It should not be about waiting lists and fighting to get by.

“To achieve this, we need a Government that is willing to stand up for Tasmanians living with a disability. Tasmania has a long way to go in ensuring that people living with a disability are treated as fair and equal. We need a Government that is committed to doing everything they can to ensure that that people are given the best chance of living a happy and healthy life.” Ms. Petrusma said.