Abalone Industry Under Threat Like All Industries In Tasmania

Abalone Industry Under Threat Like All Industries In Tasmania

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Fisheries Rene Hidding

Libs Call For Public Accounts Committee Inquiry Into AVG And Abalone Sector

Victor P Taffa

In the wake of the recent outbreak of Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis, the Tasmanian Liberals will move to instigate a major Parliamentary Inquiry by making a reference to the Powerful Joint House Public Accounts Committee to investigate the threat to the Abalone Industry from future outbreaks and appropriate resourcing for the relevant department.

“Yesterday’s announcement of the closure of the Department’s emergency unit has many within the industry asking questions about the State Government’s lack of preparation and admitted lack of resources to protect the industry from outbreaks in the past and no evidence of a plan for the future.” Shadow Minister for Fisheries Rene Hidding said today.

“Abalone Processors’ calls to the State Government in the past about what forms of technology they should be pursuing to improve biosecurity have been met by silence and the industry’s now looking for leadership.”



“The Abalone Industry in Tasmania deserves better. They need a State Government that will develop a strong public policy position and provide all the resources required to mitigate against future outbreaks and manage them should they occur.” Mr. Hidding said.

“The Tasmanian taxpayer has a large stake in the health and wellbeing of its wild fisheries, with substantial taxes from the sector underpinning the state’s budget.”

“The Tasmanian Liberals will propose a series of terms of reference for the inquiry following direct input of all sectors of the abalone industry in Tasmania.”

“I expect that each industry group within the Abalone Sector will make a major submission to this inquiry and a clear path forward will become apparent as a result.” Mr. Hidding said.