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Western Australia Minister for Sport and Recreation Mick Murray

South West Academy Of Sport Celebrates A Decade Of Developing Champions

Victor P Taffa

  • Western Australia’s first regional sporting academy marks 10 years of providing high performance pathways for country athletes
  • Kookaburra Jake Harvie, surfer Bronte Macaulay and BMX rider Lauren Reynolds were all former SWAS athletes

South West Academy of Sport (SWAS) today celebrated 10 years of developing sporting talent in the region with Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray joining athletes, supporters and staff to mark a decade of achievement.

“South West Academy of Sport has levelled the playing field for regional athletes, giving our best sportspeople access to the kind of development programs previously only available in Perth.” Minister for Sport and Recreation Mick Murray said.

“From Olympians, to AFL players, and professional surfers, the SWAS has supported many local athletes to achieve greatness.”

Launched in 2008 as Western Australia’s first regional sports academy, SWAS has assisted a long list of aspiring country athletes to reach their potential with many making it all the way into the green and gold.

Kookaburra Jake Harvie, professional surfer Bronte Macaulay and BMX rider Lauren Reynolds are among the Australian sporting heroes who have participated in SWAS programs.

SWAS provides regional athletes with high performance training, coaching and services affording talented country athletes the kind of opportunities which were only previously available in the city.

“South West Academy of Sport has been a huge asset in our region for the past decade, as evidenced by the fantastic achievements of our young athletes.” Bunbury MLA Don Punch said.

“I am fortunate to have had a very long association with the academy and know firsthand just how hard they work to support young athletes in our community.”

SWAS is stronger than ever as it marks its first decade, with a record number of talented young athletes inducted into the 2018-19 Individual Athlete Support Program.



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